Godzilla 3: Dawn Of The Monsters Is A Japanese-American Science Fiction Action Comedy FanFilm.It Is The Third And Final Installment Of The Ians World Godzilla Series.It Is Distributed By Toho In Japan And MGM In The U.S.

Godzilla 3: Dawn Of The Monsters
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By



Based On Godzilla By Toho
Inspired By Godzilla By Toho
Preceded By Godzilla 2: The King Returns
Rating PG-13


Godzilla Returns Once Again.He Began Rampaging On Numero.Then Later.He Battles An Alien Monster Named Orga.Then Later.He Battles A Giant Prehistoric Dragonfly-Like Creature Named Megaguirus.Then He Battles Baragon And Zilla.Then Later.He Battles Mothra,Kiryu And Kamoebas.Then Later.They Locked Godzilla In The South Pole In Order To Protect The World From His Reign Of Terror. Then When A Time Of War Begins.Monsters Began Rampaging Worldwide.Anguirus Attacks Shanghai,Godzillas Rival Zilla Attacks Sydney,King Caesar Attacks Okinawa,Kamacuras Attacks Paris,Kumonga Attacks Sahara,Ebirah Attacks Tokai Village.But Is Stopped By The Humans.Then Some Aliens Known As The Xilians Came And Eliminated All The Monsters.Then Reveal Their True Natures And Release All The Monsters.All Hope Is Lost Until The Humans Get An Idea To Get Godzilla To Fight All The Other Monsters.They Get On Board Super X3.They Come To Wake Up Godzilla In The Antartica.But They Are Being Ambushed By Gigan.Godzilla Battles Gigan In The South Pole And Then Follows Super X3,Then His Rival Zilla In Sydney Austrailia,Then Kumonga In New Gunea,Then Kamacuras In The Shore Of Mount Fuji.Then Later He Battles Anguirus,Rodan And King Caesar In Mount Fuji.Then Super X Return To Tokyo To Battle And Destroy The Aliens But They Get Captured By The Aliens.Then Later Godzilla Finally Arrives And Battles Hedorah And Ebirah In Tokyo Bay,Then He Fires At Gorath Making It Explode Causing Most Of Tokyo To Be In Ruins.Then He Battles Monster X (Who Was Inside The Meteor) In The First Wave Of The Final Battle.Then Mothra And Gigan Go To Battle.In The Middle Of The Final Battle.Godzilla,Mothra And Monster,Gigan Level The Ruins Of Tokyo (While The Crew Of Super X3 Battle The Aliens In The SpaceShip).Then Later Mothra Defeats Gigan.Then In The Final Wave Of The Final Battle.Godzilla Continuisly Fights Monter X.The Crew Of Super X3 Defeats The Aliens And Escapes From The Self-Destructing Ship.Then Later After The Aliens Are Defeated.Monster X Transforms Into Keizer Ghidorah.Godzilla Battles Keizer Ghidorah.Keizer Ghidorah Almost Defeated Godzilla.But Godzilla Gains The Upper Hand (As The Humans Gave Him Another Chance With The Supernatural Means).Godzilla Fights Back.Godzilla Tears Off Two Of Keizer Ghidorahs Head And Tosses Keizer Ghidorah Around.Then Throws The Evil Kaiju Into The Air And Fires His Spiral Heat Ray At Him Destroying Him Once And For All.Then Later.Godzillas Son Came And Godzilla And His Son Leaves The Ruined Tokyo Peacefully And All Of Mankind Is Safe.Godzilla Lets Out His Final Roar At The Screen As He Will Now And Forever Be The King Of The Monsters.


  • Professor Hiroshi Serizawa-The Main Human Protagonist.
  • Miki Saegusa-The Secondary Human Protagonist.
  • Yuji Ozaki-The Deuteragonist.
  • Captain Gordon-The Captain Of The New Gotengo.
  • Godzilla -The King Of The Monsters.The Main Kaiju Protagonist.
  • Mothra-A Divine Moth.
  • Rodan-A Giant Pteranodon.
  • Baragon-A Horned Subterranean Reptile.
  • Anguirus-A Giant Akylosaurus.
  • King Caesar-An Ancient Shisa.
  • Kamacuras-A Giant Praying Mantis.
  • Kumonga-A Giant Spider.
  • Hedorah-The Smog Monster.
  • Ebirah-A Giant Lobster.
  • Orga-A Godzilla/Millenium Hybrid.
  • Megaguirus-The Queen Of The Meganula.
  • Kiryu-The Third MechaGodzilla.
  • Kamoebas-A Giant Turtle.
  • Gigan-An Alien Cyborg
  • Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah-A Ghidorah-Like Alien Kaiju With Two Forms.He Is The Final Main Antagonist Of The Film.


  • This Film Also Shares The Same Plot As Final Wars.
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