Godzilla 2: The King Returns Is A Japanese-American Science Fiction Comedy Fan-film. It Is A Sequel To Ian's World Godzilla Movie.It Is Distributed By Toho In Japan And MGM In The U.S.

Godzilla 2: The King Returns
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho


Based On Godzilla By Toho
Inspired By Godzilla By Toho
Preceded By Godzilla (Ians World Film)
Followed By Godzilla 3: Dawn Of The Monsters
Rating PG-13


It All Starts With A Freighter Setting Sail On The Stormy Sea.All Of A Sudden A Monster Known As Godzilla Roars In The Distance.Godzilla Returns.Then Later.Godzilla Begins Rampaging Through Modern Day Tokyo.Also Battling Super X. Then Later.He Battles Biollante, Then He Later Battles King Ghidorah/Mecha-King Ghidorah, Then He Later Battles Mothra And Battra, Then He Later Battles MechaGodzilla 2 And Rodan And Also Adopts Another Son Named Godzilla Jr,Then Later He Teams Up With MOGUERA To Battle SpaceGodzilla, Then When He Finally Becomes Burning Godzilla, He And His Grown Up Son Battles Destoryah.Then After Defeating Destroyah.It Is Time For The Humans To Save The Monster King From Melting Down And Dying.If The Monster King Is Saved.There Is Still A Defender Of The The Alternative Ending.Godzilla Once Again Battles His Rival Zilla In Osaka.


Professor Hiroshi Serizawa- The Main Human Protagonist.

Miki Saegusa- The Human Deuteragonist.

Godzilla-The King Of The Monsters.The Main Kaiju Protagonist.

Godzilla Jr- Godzillas Second Son.

Mothra- A Divine Moth.

Battra- Mothras Male Counterpart.

Biollante- A Plant Kaiju.

MechaGodzilla 2- The Second MechaGodzilla.

Rodan- A Giant Pteranodon.

Zilla- A Mutated Lizard Who Is Formerly An Incarnation Of Godzilla.He Is The Secondary Antagonist Of The Film.

King Ghidorah/Mecha-King Ghidorah- The Three Headed Monster And Later A Cyborg Three Headed Monster. One Of The Three Main Antagonists.

SpaceGodzilla- Godzillas Evil Clone.One Of The Three Main Antagonists.

Destroyah- A Mutant Crustacean.One Of The Three Main Antagonists.


  • There Is An Alternative Ending. Where Godzilla Battles His Rival Zilla In Osaka.
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