An anime sequel movie to the 1954 classic set in a more futuristic environment produced by Studio Ponoc. It is the first in a series of films as well as a return to the character's darker roots. It is scheduled for a shared date of November 3rd, on Godzilla's anniversary on 2D, 3-D and IMAX formats.


In the year 1954, Japan fell under siege by a devastatingly powerful monster who reduced Tokyo to rubble over the course of an entire night. Though the beast was seemingly destroyed, the name of the monster would go down in infamy: Godzilla. Now a century has passed and humanity has made sure to be ready in case Godzilla returns. However, something far worse has awakened in the form of monstrous beasts awakened by humanity's mistakes... something made even more desperate as Godzilla's resurgence finally occurs. But as Japan becomes a battleground, two questions remain: Why has Godzilla returned and what connection does he have with the mysterious girl found in a capsule beneath the sea?


Character Voice Actor
Kuro Asuna Steven Yeun
Mana Alison Lohman
Kenji Hizashi Johnny Yong Bosch
Mayumi Ishida Ginnifer Goodwin
Nami Kushido Sigourney Weaver
Akio Hara Mark Hamill
Sakura Inari Jenny Slate
Kagura Hondo Bex Taylor-Klaus
Prime Minister Kasaku Eva Marie Saint
Maya Jinnouchi Zelda Williams
Koji Namura Jeremy Shada
Shiro Miyamoto Tyler Labine
Rojon Frank Welker (vocals


The film is scheduled for a shared release on November 3rd in both America and Japan with G-Kids handling the American dub. The movie has been given an MPAA rating of PG-13 for "intense extended sequences of monster violence/action, destruction, mayhem and language".

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