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Godzilla: New Age of Monsters
Genre: Action/Adventure
Science Fiction
Country of origin: Japan
Language(s): Japanese
No. of seasons: 6
No. of episodes: 156 (List of episodes)
Running time: 25 min
Production company(s): Toho Company Ltd

Kadokawa Pictures

Tsuburayu Productions

Man of Action Studios

Cartoon Network Studios

Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original channel: Cartoon Network
Picture format: 1080i
Original run: March 17, 2018 - present
Preceded by: Titanosaurus: The Animated Series
Related shows: Godzilla Chronicles

Godzilla: New Age of Monsters (ゴジラ:新しい時代の怪物たち ゴジラ:新しい時代の怪物たち Gojira: Atarashī jidai no kaibutsu-tachi) is a Japanese-American animated superhero science-fiction action-comedy kaiju television series co-created by Toho Company Ltd, Kadokawa Pictures, Tsuburayu Productions, and Man of Action Studios. The show premeried on June 15, 2018 on Cartoon Network. This show is the fourth animated television series to be based on the Godzilla franchise. It is part of Cartoon Network's Godzilla Nation.

The show is revealed to be part of the GodzillaVerse, set in a parallel universe called Earth-Ultra.


Toho's greatest creation, Godzilla is back in an all new animated series, featuring many of Toho's monsters, even monsters from the Gamera film series and the Ultra series.



In the year 2025, a new subspecies of super powered humans called Ultrahumans have populated most of the planet and Tokyo was renamed UltraTokyo.

An meteorite crashes lands on Earth in the Pacific Ocean, awakening many giant monsters from their slumber as a team of heroes known as the Ultra Legion vow to protect Japan from kaiju attacks while dealing with the legendary King of the Monsters, Godzilla.


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The show has some movies that set in the same continuity in New Age of Monsters. Also, several monsters from Zone fighter, Johnny Sokko and his giant robot.

Theme Song

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Video Game 

The show will have a game called Godzilla: New Age of Monsters: The Video Game.


The show's theme uses the combine elements of superheroes and Japanese giant monsters.


The popularity of Japanese giant monster films and superheroes is the reason why the show was created in the first place.



The show's animation is the same as Marvel's The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Critical Response

The show receive many positive reviews due to the popularity of the Godzilla movies. Also, many people who watch the show are fans of Japanese giant monsters and tokusatsu superheroes.

Alternate Titles

  • The New Age of Godzilla (ゴジラの新時代 Gojira no shin jidai)
  • Godzilla and the New Age of Giant Monsters (ゴジラと巨大な怪物の時代 Gojira to kyodaina kaibutsu no jidai)



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Featured Film

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Television Film

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  • This is one of the many shows created by Toho to feature both the genre of superheroes and giant monsters.
  • Many origin and backstory of every monster remains the same with some changes. 
  • This show is an entire crossover with Godzilla and other Japanese monsters.
    • Even from the Gamera film series and the Ultra series.
    • With the addition of monsters from American film productions also appear.
  • Many of Toho's scrapped monsters are featured like Bagan and Gigamoth. 
  • In the last episode, several flashbacks of Godzilla's past and present battles are seen in the beginning.
  • Some of the Ultra monsters are allies to Godzilla.
  1. Gomora
  2. King Pandon    
  3. Sildron
  4. Gigass
  5. Litra
  6. Bolgils
  7. Golmede
  8. Lidorias
  • Many monsters and aliens will have new additional powers
    • Neosaurus has Godzilla's regeneration abilities and atomic ray, Baragon's burrowing ability, King Ghidorah's zero gravity beams, Eleking's electricity absorption, and Gigan's eye beam.
    • Yapool, and Wadatuzin can make force anyone to bow down to them against their will.
    • The Shobijin can grow to human size.
    • Godzilla can shoot laser beams from his eyes, a ability he used in the Hannah Barbara cartoon.  
    • Sildron can burrow underground.
  • Whenever the Shobijin listen to music, they began to dance uncontrollably. 
  • In the show's universe:
    • It's revealed that Wadatuzin had allowed some of the dinosaurs in live. 
    • Wadatuzin is not real evil, despite her grudge against humans. 
    •  King Ghidorah had destroyed the home worlds of Alien Magma, Alien Nackle and Dada.
    • The Shobijin have knowledge of every giant monster on Earth.
  • The show will have a crossover episode with Scooby-Doo! Mysteries of Destiny.
    • Toho has confirmed that the show will have many crossover specials.