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Godzilla: Adventures in Kaijulius is a 2025 CGI Japanese American animated film from the genres of action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery distributed by Warner Bros Studios and produced by Warner Animation Group with Legendary Pictures, LitghStorm Enterteniment, and Toho Company.

The film is directed by Robert Rodriguez, produced by James Cameron and Hideaki Anno, the script is written by Zak Penn and the soundtrack composed by Hann Zimmer starring Adam Driver, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Ariana Grande, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, Ben Schwartz, Ron Perlman, Taika Waititi and Josh Brolin.


In a world where planet Earth has become the largest planet in the solar system and humanity has been replaced by giant monsters as the planet's dominant species, a group of young monsters led by Godzilla embark on an adventure to free their abducted families and friends. and enslaved by the evil intergalactic dictator King Ghidorah.




Almost 12,000 years ago, during the 21st century of the "ancient world", when Kaijulius was still known as "Earth", an alien race known as Xiliens came to the planet to offer an alliance to its human population. However, the emissary they sent was captured, studied and subsequently dissected by a group of scientists led by Ishiro Serizawa, one of the leading scientists of the time. Serizawa hoped to use the captured alien and its technology to produce the Jet Jaguar robot and countless other creations. Their methods, however, proved antagonistic to the Xiliens. In retaliation, the aliens bombarded the planet with Nano-Earth Bombs with the intention of exterminating all life on the planet, melting all surface life into primordial sludge. Prior to the destruction of the planet's biosphere, however, several hidden cities were built, protected from the effects of Nano-Earthmaking bombs. The bombs had an unforeseen side effect. The planet has grown in size, humans have gone extinct, but all the other animals on the planet have not only acquired wisdom but have also become gigantic.


  • Adam Driver: Godzilla
  • Jonah Hill: Anguirius
  • Aaron Taylor Johnson: Kong
  • Bill Hader: Rodan
  • Ben Schwartz: Gamera
  • Ariana Grande: Mothra
  • Josh Brolin: Bower (Ghidorah's Middle Head)
  • Ron Perlman: Dimitri (Ghidorah's Right Head)
  • Taika Waititi: Kevin (First Ghidorah's Left Head)
  • Mark Hamil: Ralph (Second Ghidorah's Left Head)
  • Paul Dano: Gigan
  • David Harbour: Uncle Jira
  • Dakota Fanning: Minilla
  • Ian McKellen: Methuselah
  • Tilda Swinton: Battra


  1. Genesis
  2. A Peacefull life in Kaijulius
  3. Nuclear Family
  4. Friendship Never Ends
  5. The Arrive of An Magic Moth
  6. What is Love
  7. The Golden Demon With Three Heads From Space (Guidorah's Theme)
  8. A Suicide Rescue Mission
  9. Atlantic Turtle (Gamera's Theme)
  10. Spike Dude (Anguirius's Theme)
  11. Fly in Fire (Rodan's Theme)
  12. A Magic Bright (Mothra's Theme
  13. Monkey Power (Kong's Theme)
  14. Radioctive Fury (Godzilla's Theme)
  15. The Counselor (Gigan's Theme)
  16. The Diplomat (Battra's Theme)
  17. The Scientist (SkullCrawler's Theme)
  18. Your Murders (Primal Godzilla's Theme)
  19. The Loss of a Friend
  20. Surprise Rescue
  21. Humiliating Defeat
  22. Return of the Legend
  23. Apocaliptic Battle
  24. The Dust of Gods (UltraGuidorah's Theme)
  25. A Legendary Upgrade (Golden Godzilla's Theme)
  26. Back To The Normal


The movie cost $ 50,000,000 and grossed $ 1,260,000,000, meaning the movie was not only the highest grossing Warner Bros animation, but it was the highest grossing Godzilla franchise in history.

At Rotten Tomatoes, the film got 72% approval from critics and 98% from the public, and the movie also received 9.2 on iMDB

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