Goddess Girls is an American animated television series.




  • Amelia Jordan - A teenage girl who is the leader of the girls and sometimes has an ego problem with her goddess power being the power of Hera.
  • Lawshana Morris - An athletic teenage girl who participates in several sports but can sometimes be reckless with her goddess power being the power of Artemis.
  • Valentina Chavez - A rather ditzy and boy-obsessed girl who her boy crushes is her flaw with the power of Adrophite.
  • Marie Kabashi - An intelligent teenage girl who usually keeps her head in a book with her goddess power being the one of Athena.


  • Raz - An extremely intelligent satyr who guides the girls into their journeys and adventures.
  • Chiron - A powerful and wise centaur who mentors the girls into using their abilities


  • Hades - The lord and god of the Underworld who wants to drain the powers of the Goddess Girls to fully regain his power so he can cross back into and rule the mortal world.

Voice Cast


# Episode Description Production Code
1 101
2 102
3 103



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