Gmail is great but it can be better. Here are some more ideas to make Gmail the best e-mail service on the web.

Collaborate on Saved Drafts

a feature that would allow collaboration with other Gmail users on a saved draft. would be helpful in a situation where one e-mail is going out to a lot of people and wants to be looked over by a few others before it's sent off.

Gmail WikiMail

Have a e-mail that can have the option of [Wiki], so when you reply back and forth it doesn't look like a natural conversation, instead it's just one e-mail page being constantly changed back and forth. This would be good for group collaboration over gmail. So when a user starts to compose an e-mail they have the option of it being a Wiki mail. With this option selected the Recipients of the e-mail are then able to change it and can send it back to everyone for them to edit. It will not start a new reply window, just an editable e-mail. Each e-mail address could be a color, just like the conversations are. When users edit it, they just send it back to everyone.

A nice plugin called WikiMail already exists for Gmail. See [1].

Error Correction

If gmail user A is logged in and gmail registers that it is saving draft's of the wiki, it let's any other gmail users who have the same wiki sent to them, know that it is being edited so they dont do more work then they need to.

Gmail and Google Notebook Integration

Have a google e-mail that can be sent to google notebook. Often times I store notes or ideas in gmail as a saved draft,or send it to myself. Having this e-mail be sent to Google Notebook and my sent folder would help with information publication.

Gmail and Google Docs Integration

When a word file, or Spreadsheet is shared through a Gmail e-mail address, then inside the E-mail, the gmail user can directly edit the document in the E-mail, rather then going to to edit the file. Gmail might change it's heading and formatting a little if the user decides to do this. Also if a user is using gmail send a word document as an attachment to, the user can send it directly to and it will be directly editable in the site. The "docs." prefrix allows for the document to go to both the Gmail address and the site. It Seams Google Has this feature with: "Open this as a Google Document".

Multiple attachments

when multiple songs/pictures are attached, it will have an option to open all of them in a playlist or slideshow.