Glow is a 2021 film made by Sony and WildCloud Studios and released in theaters on April 15th.


Lumi, a red fox and her close friend, Patter the sea lion are two rookie adventurers who reside in Cardinal Village. On the day of the Color Festival, a mysterious evil suddenly covers the world in darkness. The pair travel to Motherhorn Mountain alongside the Moonstarry Guild to defeat whoever started the darkness.


Lumi - A red fox with unusual blue eyes of an aurora and the main protagonist. She is part of an expedition team alongside her close friend, Patter yet is teased a lot and never seem to reach the average traits of a legendary adventurer.

Patter - A young sea lion and the deuteragonist. He is Lumi's only close friend who, despite missing a limb, dreams of joining a guild and completing a map of their whole home island. Much like Lumi, he never seems to be as great as other adventurers of their guild.

Rockbert - A helpful, sturdy ram who runs the Moonstarry Guild. When the darkness attacks their festival, he guides them throughout their journey to stop the source of darkness on the mountaintops of Motherhorn.

Melonie - A swift, overworked kangaroo and Rockbert's assistant. She works at the front desk of the Moonstarry Guild as a receptionist. When the darkness is freed, she travels alongside the other and acts as the tech service.


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