Glitter Force Shining Star is StarryShimmer’s take on the English-speaking audience adaptation of the Japanese magical girl anime Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure, and is the eighth spin-off in the Glitter Force franchise.

Official Summary


Season 1

Space-lover Heather and her friends join forces to form the Glitter Force, a legendary team whose goal is to protect the Galaxia Empire from evil space invaders.

Season 2

Now with Kaylee joining the rest of the Glitter Force, they prepare for a bigger challenge: to protect Kaylee’s home planet Polychrome, and all the residents and relatives she loved in it.


Season 1

Heather, an ordinary teenage girl who falls in love with space and astronomy, meets Fluffy and two aliens, Lola and Prudence. Alongside Jade and Maddie, the four create a group of Starry Heroines who protect the Galaxia Empire: The Glitter Force.

Season 2

After Kaylee kisses her goodbyes to the Black Hole Agency once transforming into the magnificent yet powerful Glitter Cosmic, she joins the Glitter Force as she protects her home planet, and save the citizens and family friends she loved from the bottom of her heart.

Name Changes


  • Hikaru Hoshina / Cure Star → Heather Hermandez / Glitter Star
  • Lala Hagoromo / Cure Milky → Lola / Glitter Galactic
  • Elena Amamiya / Cure Soleil → Jade / Glitter Sunshine
  • Madoka Kaguya / Cure Selene → Madelyn ‘Maddie’ / Glitter Moonlight
  • Yuni / Mao / Blue Cat / Cure Cosmo → Kaylee / Millie / Navy Feline / Glitter Cosmic
  • Fuwa → Fluffy
  • Prunce → Prudence
  • Kappard → Capper
  • Tenjo → Zelda
  • Nottorei → Nolighters
  • Star Princesses → Glitter Guardians


  • Star Color Pendant → Glitter Star Pendant
  • Star Color Pen→ Glitter Pen
  • Twinkle Book → Glitter Notebook
  • Twinkle Stick → Glitter Stick
  • Rainbow Perfume → Glitter Perfume


  • Mihoshi Town → Étoile City
  • Starry Sky Galaxy → Galaxia Empire
  • Samaan → Mindlight
  • Sonrisa → Sunny Florists
  • Mihoshi Middle School → Étoile Intermediate School


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Transformations and Attacks

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