Go! Princess quartet
Glitter Force Princess Power is the English dub of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.

Name Changes

  • Haruka Haruno - Harriet Bloom/Glitter Bloom
  • Minami Kaido - Miranda "Mina" Oceania/Glitter Splash
  • Kirara Amanogawa - Kira Brightfield/Glitter Wish
  • Towa Akagi - Twyla Ember/Glitter Burn
  • Prince Kanata - Prince Skye
  • Prince Hope Grand Kanata - Grand Dream Prince Skye
  • Hope Kingdom - The Dreamscape World
  • Dyspear - Crusht
  • Zetsuborg - Dyspairvil
  • Dys Dark - The Shaded 
  • Yui Nanase - Leia Allen

Transformations and Attacks

All Girls: Insert Glitter Key!

All Girls: Glitter Force Princess Makeover!

Glitter Bloom: The Princess of the Blossoming Flowers! I'm Glitter Bloom!

Glitter Splash: The Princess of the Seven Seas! I'm Glitter Splash

Glitter Wish: The Princess of the Glittering Stars! I'm Glitter Wish!

Glitter Burn: The Princess of the Burning Flames! I'm Glitter Burn!

Glitter Bloom: Be Gentle!

Glitter Splash: Be Happy!

Glitter Wish: Be Lovely!

Glitter Burn: Now!

All Girls: Here Comes Glitter Force Princess Power!

Glitter Force! Flower Whirlwind!

Glitter Bloom:Activate Glitter Key!

Glitter Bloom:Please Flowers Bloom!

Glitter Bloom:Glitter Force Flower Whirlwind!

Glitter Bloom:Farewell!


Voice Cast


  • In the attacks and in outside, "Gokigenyou" is dubbed as "Farewell" or "Good day".
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