Glitter Force Pastry Squad is the Glitter Force version of Dream234's rewrite version of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode (Visit the Pretty Cure Rewrite Wiki for more details). It was created by Saban Studios and Nickelodeon, and was edited by the company to be made as an American reboot dub. It was the second dub after the one created by Everest Flims. It appeared in the channel Nick Anime. It was the 12th spin-off in the Glitter Force Rewrite franchise.

Official Synopsis

Season 1

Five girls with different lives band together to become a new group of Glitter Force Warriors in order to save all of the Pastry Magic in their hometown, Sweetville.

Season 2

Now with the help of two new Warriors, they must use all of their Pastry Power to defeat Noir once and for all.

Name Changes


  • Usami Ichika/Cure Whip = Isabelle Usami/Gitter Shortcake
  • Arisagawa Himari/Cure Custard = Haley Arisagawa/Glitter Pudding
  • Tategami Aoi/Cure Gelato = Vanessa Tate/Glitter Gelato
  • Kotozume Yukari/Cure Macaron = Yasmine Kotozume/Glitter Macaroon
  • Kenjou Akira/Cure Chocolat = Avery Kennedy/Glitter Choco
  • Kirarin = Kira
  • Pekorin = Peko
  • Kirahoshi Ciel/Cure Parfait = Charlotte Kirahoshi/Glitter Parfait
  • Yoriko Chisa/Cure Donut = Sonya Amano/Glitter Dough
  • Pikarin/Kuroki Rio = Polaris/Rico Kuroki
  • Bibury/Haruko Beika = Billie/Bryana Hall
  • Chourou = Mr. Elder


  • Sweets Pact/Sweets Pact DX = Glitter Pact
  • Candy Rod = Glitter Pastry Rod
  • Rainbow Ribbon = Glitter Ribbon
  • Miracle Whisk = Glitter Whisk
  • KiraKiraru Creamer = Glitter Creamer
  • Ultra Sweets Rod = Glitter Scepter
  • Sweet Charms = Glitter Sweets


  • Ichigozaka = Sweetville
  • Ichigozaka Middle School = Sweetville Middle School
  • Ichigozaka High School = Sweetville High School
  • Ichigozaka Elementary School = Sweetville Elementary School


Episode List

Transformation Sequences

Attack Sequences


List of Songs

Glitter Force Pastry Squad (Opening sung by Blush)



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