Legendary Mermaid Pretty Cure is a Unoffical Japanese Animation Series based of Mermaid Melody. Saban Brands, Hasbro And 4Kids have teamed Up to translate the series in English under the name Glitter Force Mermaid Melody.


Original Japanese

Glitter Force Mermaid Melody (Name Changes)

  • Lucia Nanami
  • Hanna Hosho
  • Marina Toin
  • Karen Aiiro
  • Noelle Aiiro
  • Coco Sinari

Transformations, Speeches and Attacks

Original Japanese

  • All: Pretty Cure! Mermaid Pearl Voice!
  • Cure Love:
  • Cure Sugar:
  • Cure Cool:
  • Cure Cutie:
  • Cure Bless:
  • Cure Magic:
  • All:

Glitter Force Mermaid Melody

  • Lucia: All together now!
  • All: Glitter Force Mermaid Pearl Makeover!
  • Glitter Fairytale:
  • Glitter Sirena:
  • Glitter Stella:
  • Glitter Viola:
  • Glitter Sincere:
  • Glitter Sunlight:
  • All:

Glitter Force Mermaid Melody

Glitter Force Mermaid Melody is the English Dub of Legendary Mermaid Pretty Cure, created in Collaboration with Saban Brands, Hasbro And 4Kids.

Dub Edits

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