Glitter Force Healin' Good is the English Dub of Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure made by Hasbro Studios.

It airs on Nick Anime and streams it on Netflix.

It is set to air on 2020.


Glitter Force

Nia Hanadera/Glitter Grace

Cindy Sawaizumi/Glitter Aqua

Hannah Hiramitsu/Glitter Light

Anna Fuurin/Glitter Earth






Queen Tevana


King Megaton







Nia Hanadera is a 2nd year middle school student who moves to Tokyo City. She discovers that the Garden of Healing is under attack by the evil Sickness Team. She meets three healing animals and a princess puppy who doesn't speak ask her to save the world from illness. Together with her friends Cindy and Hannah, they transform into the Glitter Force to protect the world.


Glitter Healing Wands - The wands are used for the girls to transform.

Glitter Charms - The 4 Charms are used for the quad to transform.

The Healing Bag - A bag where the Healing Animals live in.

Super Hurricane Harp - A harp used for Glitter Earth to do her attacks.

Transformation, Speeches, and Attacks


Healing Animals: Let's go!

Girls: Glitter Force Makeover! Insert Glitter Charm!

Healing Animals: Healing Wand increasing level!

Girls and Healing Animals: Paw Touch!

Healing Animals: Ding!

Glitter Grace: Feel the flowers with goodness! I'm Glitter Grace!

Glitter Aqua: Let the streams flow above! I'm Glitter Aqua!

Glitter Light: The lights collapse as one! I'm Glitter Light!

Anna: Insert Glitter Charm!

Lana: Let's go!

Anna: Glitter Force Makeover!

Lana: Here I come, Anna!

Anna and Lana: Paw Touch!

Lana: Ding!

Glitter Earth: Let the wind flow beneath your heart! I'm Glitter Earth!

Healing Animals: Everyone all together!

Girls: Glitter Force Healin' Good!


Glitter Grace

Glitter Grace: Charge Up Go-Go!

Rabita: Ding! Ding! Ding!

Glitter Grace and Rabita: O, Healing Power, bloom like the flowers!

Glitter Grace: Glitter Force, Flower Blast!

Glitter Grace and Rabita: Take care.

Glitter Aqua

Glitter Aqua: Charge Up Go-Go!

Peggy: Ding! Ding! Ding!

Glitter Aqua and Peggy: O, Healing Power, whoosh like the water!

Glitter Aqua: Glitter Force, Water Wipeout!

Glitter Aqua and Peggy: Take care.

Glitter Light

Glitter Light: Charge Up Go-Go!

Nathan: Ding! Ding! Ding!

Glitter Light and Nathan: O, Healing Power, lightning and thunder!

Glitter Light: Glitter Force, Sunshine Flash!

Glitter Light and Nathan: Take care.

Glitter Earth

Glitter Earth: Super Hurricane Harp! Charge Up Go-Go! Super strong wind! Glitter Force, Stormy Hurricane! Take care.


Three of a Kind Miracle Blast

Girls: Triple Charge Go-Go!

Glitter Grace and Rabita: Ready...

Glitter Aqua and Peggy: Set...

Glitter Light and Nathan: Go!

Girls: Glitter Force, Three of a Kind Miracle Blast!

All: Take care.


Glitter Force Healin' Good (Opening; performed by Blush)

Miracle Dreams (Ending 1; performed by Bebe Rexha)

Glow Like the Sun (Ending 2; performed by Blush ft. Bebe Rexha)


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