Glitter Force Extreme Heart is the Glitter Force version of Pretty Cure Max Power, the rewrite version of Futari wa Pretty Cure and Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, with both series mixed together (Visit the Pretty Cure Rewrite Wiki for more details). It was created by Saban Studios and Nickelodeon, and was edited by the company to be made as an American reboot dub. It was the second dub after the one created by Everest Flims. It aired in the channel Nick Anime, and streamed on Netflix. It was the 1st spin-off in the Glitter Force Rewrite franchise.

Official Synopsis

Name Changes


  • Misumi Nagisa/Cure Black =
  • Yukishiro Honoka/Cure White =
  • Fujimura Taiyo/Cure Sunday =
  • Tanaka Kazumi/Cure Moonstar =
  • Kujou Hikari/Cure Luminous =
  • Mepple =
  • Mipple =
  • Solail =
  • Lunata =
  • Pollun =
  • Lulun =


  • Rainbow Communes/Jewel Communes =
  • Touch Commune =


  • Verone Hills =
  • Verone Academy =
  • Garden of Light =


Episode List

Transformation Sequences

Attack Sequences


List of Songs

Glitter Force Extreme Heart (Opening sung by Blush)


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