Glitter Force Doki Doki is the English dub of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

Name Changes

  • Mana Aida - Minnie Andrews/Glitter Heart
  • Rikka Hishikawa - Rosalina Hopkins/Glitter Diamond
  • Alice Yotsuba - Alice Yarmin/Glitter Clover
  • Aguri Madoka - Felicity McFarlane/Glitter Ace
  • Makoto Kenzaki - Catherine Knowles/Glitter Spade
  • Sharuru - Cheryl
  • Dabyi - Davi
  • Joe Okada - Joe Klein
  • Ai-chan - Aisling
  • Selfish King - Emperor Lucifer
  • Ira - Natan
  • Marmo - Mamona
  • Pell - Phegor
  • Regina - Princess Regina Asmodine
  • Leva - Levy
  • Gula - Bubse
  • Jikochuu - Egoid
  • Cure Lovies - Trump Tokens
  • Love Heart Arrow - Cupid's Arrow
  • Love Eyes Palette - Ace Shadow
  • Love Kiss Rouge - Lovelypgloss
  • Miracle Dragon Glaive - Magician Glaive
  • Magical Lovely Pad - Empress Mirror / KnightPad
  • Magical Lovely Harp - Cupid's Lyre
  • Eternal Golden Crown - Tiara of Life

Transformations and Attacks

All: Glitter Love Link! L-O-V-E!

Felicity: Glitter Transform!

Glitter Heart: Overflowing with Love, I'm Glitter Heart!

Glitter Heart: "Oh poor crab who knows no love, I, Glitter Heart will make your heart warm again!"

Glitter Diamond: The light of Wisdom! I'm Glitter Diamond!

Glitter Diamond: "I won't allow you to trample upon their hearts! I, Glitter Diamond, will cool your hothead down!"

Glitter Clover: The Sunny warmth of the sun! I am Glitter Clover!

Glitter Clover: "Love is what makes the world go round. Now, you and I will nurture that love."

Glitter Spade: The courageous blade! I am Glitter Spade!

Glitter Spade: "I, Glitter Spade, will sever your ambitions with the blade of love!"

Glitter Ace: The Trump Card of Love! I'm Glitter Ace!

Glitter Ace: Beauty is the mark of righteous! With a single wink, I will pierce your heart!"

All: All together! Glitter Force Doki Doki!

Team Attacks

  • Lovely Straight Flush

Glitter Heart, Diamond, Clover, Spade, Ace: Magical Lovely Pad!

Diamond, Clover, Spade, Ace: We give you Glitter Heart the power of our cards!

Glitter Heart: Glitter Force Lovely Straight Flush!!

  • Royal Lovely Straight Flush

Glitter Heart, Diamond, Clover, Spade, Ace: Glitter Force Royal Lovely Straight Flush!!

Glitter Heart Attacks

  • "Reach Out! Love Heartbeat Burst!"
  • "Glitter Force Heart Shoot!"
  • "Magical Lovely Pad! Aggregate! Heart Dynamite!"

Glitter Diamond Attacks

  • "Sparkle! Twinkle Diamond!"
  • "Glitter Force Diamond Shower!"
  • "Magical Lovely Pad! Diamond Swirkle!"
  • "Glitter Force Diamond Blizzard!"

Glitter Clover Attacks

  • "Stiff and Strong! Clover Wall!"
  • "Glitter Force Clover Reflection!"
  • "Magical Lovely Pad! Clover Balloon! One, two, and three!"

Glitter Spade Attacks

  • "Flash! Celestial Sword!"
  • "Glitter Force Sparkle Sword!"
  • "Magical Lovely Pad! Sword Hurricane!"

Glitter Ace Attacks

  • "Beautify! Love Lip Gloss! Please throb! Ace Shot! Boom!"
  • "Magical Lovely Pad! Ace Mirror Flash!"


  1. Wildcard at Heart (Part 1)
  2. Wildcard at Heart (Part 2)
  3. Diamond in the Rough
  4. Never Underestimate a Girl
  5. The Spade on the Stage
  6. Cooking Minnie
  7. The End of the World as We Know It
  8. Hang in There, Baby!
  9. The New Girl in Class
  10. Lending a Hand
  11. President in Training
  12. Miss Gold Rose
  13. I Was a Teenage Busybody
  14. The Fairest of Them All
  15. I Wanna Be Like You
  16. Shattered Lives
  17. Lovers in Springtime
  18. The Crystal Games
  19. Snowed In
  20. Princess in Another Castle
  21. My Friend Regina
  22. Easy Ace
  23. Putting the Mic Down
  24. Heroine for a Day
  25. A Spot of Tea
  26. This World, Then the Fireworks
  27. True Reflections
  28. There's an App for That
  29. Rewriting History
  30. Sweet Child of Mine
  31. A Glaive Mistake
  32. Sing Your Heart Out
  33. Rhapsody in Bloom
  34. Knights on their Birthdays
  35. The Agron Truth
  36. How the Egoids Stole Minnie
  37. Where There's Light, There's a Shadow
  38. The Tiara Explains It All
  39. The Beginning of the End
  40. One Heart for All (Finale)


  • Minnie Andrews/Glitter Heart: Kelly Hu
  • Rosalina Hopkins/Glitter Diamond: Nicki Burke
  • Alice Yarmin/Glitter Clover: Kari Walgrhen
  • Catherine Knowles/Glitter Spade: Stephanie Anne Mills
  • Felicity McFarlane/Glitter Ace: Kristin Fairlie
  • Cheryl: Alex Cazares
  • Raquel: Jacob Hopkins
  • Lance: Terrell Ransom Jr.
  • Davi: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Aisling: Kate Higgins



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