Glitch Perfect is an upcoming TV sketch parody of the Pitch Perfect film series.


Once a year, two (2) rival "Jersey-pella" groups meet in the Brains for Losers Warehouse. The Atlantic Glitches from the Revel Institute of Big Shots have a sing-off with the Trenton Glitches from the Spring Lake University of Life Hacks.


Atlantic Glitches

  • Patty Jane, founder and leader of Atlantic Glitches
  • Maybelle Carter, one of Patty's best friends since kindergarten
  • Gwen Roberts
  • Tammy Fendler
  • Katherine "Katya" Jeong
  • Eva Dutta

Trenton Glitches

  • Jennifer December, founder and leader of Trenton Glitches
  • Vivian Johnston
  • Barbara McDonnell
  • Natalie "Nat-Nat"
  • Elin Stills
  •  ???

Musical Numbers

  1. "Jealous of Atsushi" - Atlantic Glitches
  2. "Dark-Eyed Dean" - Trenton Glitches
  3. "Heartless" - Atlantic Glitches
  4. "" - Trenton Glitches
  5. "" - Atlantic Glitches
  6. "" - Trenton Glitches
  7. "" - Atlantic Glitches
  8. "" - Trenton Glitches

Bonus Track:

  1. "Celoso de Atsushi" - Patty Jane, Spanish solo version of "Jealous of Atsushi"
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