Lucia Nanami, Miku Hatsune, Shiny Luminous, Aria Blaze, Cure Peach, Teto Kasane, Cure Sunshine & Cure Melody
This is the song of girls who wear twintails as a girl's hairstyle.


Pretty Cure




  • Aria Blaze (from My Little Pony)
  • Lucia Nanami (from Mermaid Melody)
  • ?
  • Sarah Baker (from Cheaper by the Dozen)


[Aria Blaze]

They say that I'm the only Dazzling who is really purple
And wears a pair of twintails as my signature hairstyle
I wish I could try changing my ways
By starting a new club in just awhile

[Lucia Nanami]

In my team, I'm the leader of all the colored pearl Mermaid Princesses
To have this very same hairstyle that some of you have seen
Especially in mermaid and idol modes
So my pearl is pink, you see what I mean

[Sarah Baker]

When my sister Nora is away from home
I like to be in charge
As a kid in twintails doing sporty things
Soon my family is growing large

[Hatsune Miku]

Everybody knows that of all the Japanese Vocaloids
My twintails are straight and long
I can do anything anytime of day
And I feel like singing a really proud song

[Teto Kasane]

Girls in the twintail club
My twintails are curly like a spring
I used to be a Vocaloid originally
But now I am a UTAU who can sing

[Shiny Luminous]

Some Pretty Cures have twintails as very cute hairstyle
Like me, for my name's Shiny Luminous and I'm the only one

[Cure Peach]

From my team, I'm also blonde dressed in pink
And wearing twintails is extremely fun

[Cure Sunshine]

I am the sunflower dancing with grace
Especially when the sun is around

[Cure Melody]

My melodies can help you change your feelings
Even for those who are stress-bound

[Cure Happy/Glitter Lucky]

With this standard tiara, my twintails are lower
And sometimes I allow them to make shape of a heart

[Cure Rosetta/Glitter Clover]

Mine are kind of like a fuse with the clover-shaped odango
To symbolize the club card suit with a sunny start

[Cure Princess]

Girls in the twintail club
I can power up at will
From standard form to Innocent form
With my own fashion cards in such a thrill

[Cure Twinkle]

Being a princess, my twintails are loose and bigger
Just actually my lower part, but I have two pairs

[Cure Miracle]

In the Ruby Style, Magical and I get twintails

[Cure Magical]

With the power of the Ruby Linkle Stone in flairs

[Cure Whip]

My twintails have puffy edges like a bunny's tail

[Cure Macherie]

I'm love musician who is never meant to fail

Manual vocal cast

Synth voice banks

  • Hatsune Miku V4X English
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