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Girls is an upcoming American drama film being directed by Rob Reiner, David Bowers and written by Ian Brennan, Starring Peyton List, and Dylan Sparyberry, film produce by Lionsgate, Original Film, and Universal Pictures, it is a upcoming sequel of the 2019 drama film Boys, the movie will be be released in 2022

Release Date: August 15, 2022

Rotten Tomatoes: 68%

Audience Score: 58%

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Adventure Film, Science fiction film, Romance film, Family film, Action

Filming Locations: Texas

Budget: 69 million USD

Box Office: 46.5 millon USD

Running Time: 1h 45m


the movie is about a girl named Jenny Anderson, the daughter of Logan Anderson and Judy Ross, and her brother Jacob Anderson the son of Logan Anderson and Judy Ross, Jenny wants to follow her father's footsteps to be a likeable girl in the world


  1. Peyton List As Jenny Anderson
    Peyton Lo
  2. Mia Talerico As Kid Jenny Anderson
    Mia Talerico-0
  3. Dylan Sparyberry As Jacob Anderson
    Dylan Sp
  4. lain Armitage As Kid Jacob Anderson
    Iain Armitage CNN Heroes 2017 Red Carpet Arrivals Fkd4V-tGGxEl
  5. Freddie Highmore As Logan Anderson (Jenny's Dad)
    Freddie Highmore-0
  6. Alison Pill As Judy Ross (Jenny's Mom)
    Allison Pill
  7. Bella Thorne As Bea Miller (Jenny's Rival)
    Bella Thorne Teen Choice Awards 2017 Arrivals 6pfAkamZnD8l
  8. Raegan Revord As Kid Bea Miller
  9. TBA



Trailer Music

  1. Meghan Trainor - ALL THE WAYS (First Trailer)
  2. Meghan Trainor - NO EXCUSES (Second Trailer)
  3. Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband (Third Trailer)
  4. Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin (Final Trailer)
  5. TBA
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