Gilletina Ventosa Salvaje (Gilli for short) is an upcoming character and the deuteragonist with Sprucia Salvaje as the protagonist in the series of their name and spin-off of the Three Lionhearted Kats on Disney Channel.


Gilli was born on June 17, 1606. After her sister was born, she was blessed by a wizard and given an element mark on her chest enhancing powers of wind, super speed, super hearing, and healing. Gilli is always an outgoing girl who wants to go on adventures with her sister and likes to play pranks.


  • Gilli is the youngest cat of the Three Lionhearted Kats.
  • She has sleep apnea.
  • Gilli is very gassy doing mostly farts and less burps.
  • Gilli's name means "happiness" in Hebrew.
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