Gillan "Gil" Karen
Personal Information
Affiliations The Boys
Occupation Community janitor at Flower Bluff High
Residence Corpus Christi, Texas
Parents Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Siblings Unnamed brother
Unnamed sister
Production Information
First Appearance On The Way
Voiced by Tucker Albrizzi

Gillan Karen is a fictional character and third main protagonist in the On The Way franchise. He is the third member of the Boys. He is voiced by Tucker Albrizzi. Xavier Mosley created and designed him after Albrizzi. His name is a reference to Scottish actress Karen Gillan.

Innocent and supportive, Gillan, is the best friend of Jake Miller and average friend of Lawrence Walters. He is the supportive and looking-on-the-bright-side person in the trio. His best-friend relationship with Jake is similar to George Beard and Harold Hutchins' in the Captain Underpants series.

He serves his role as a main character until happily moving back with his family in the ninth season finale.

Role in the franchise

Gillan is best friends with Jake and friends with Lawrence and Flo. He and Sherrie are neutral.

His favorite genre of music is jazz. He also owns a saxophone before his abandonment, and previously owned before giving it to Sherrie as she has the same interest in playing the saxophone. He, Jake and Lawrence currently attend Flower Bluff High for community service.

In "One Year Ago", it is revealed that Gillan was abandoned from his family as he was "probably not good enough" as Gillan says. He later and met Jake and became best friends with him after hearing about his family's death.

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