Gilbert Collier is the main antagonist-turned-supporting character in Glimpse.

He is voiced by Stephen Boxer.


Gilbert was a rich man who works in Rome, Italy as a drug lord. He was born on February 23, 1869, at Rome, Italy.

At the age of four, Gilbert's mother was feel ill while his father was away from Italian town. So he decide to take care of her at his house before his father was coming back with the medical.

In 1876, his parents died in a tragic accident while they are going to pick their son up from school. Gilbert takes a long time to see his parents to arrive at his school. But unfortunately, they're not arrived at the school because of the accident. He saw the police cars and ambulances rushed through the streets. One of the police cars stopped at the middle of the streets, the driver got out of his car.

Physical Appearances 

Gilbert has grey hair and mustache, wears dark grey suit with blue tie, sometimes light grey scarf, and black dress shoes. When he was younger, he has brown hair



Events of Glimpse 





  • He is based on Bill Sykes from Oliver & Company, The Toad from Flushed Away, Santino D'Antonio from John Wick series, TBD from TBD, TBD from TBD
    • Unlike Toad, Gilbert is not an amphibian but is a mammal and his plan is not to get rid of rats but his plan is to steal the gems.
  • His voice actor does speak with an Italian accent rather than a British accent due to Gilbert is from Italy.
  • Gilbert has a soft spot for his wife and daughter due to his memories.
  • He is shown to steal the jewel during the "Stop the thief" cutscene.
  • He is shown to be a smoker because of smoking a cigar.
  • Despite his selfish side, Glibert is shown to care about his daughter and his wife.
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