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Ghostbusters ( New Film ):

Ghostbusters Is A Supernatural Horror-Comedy Film Directed By Ruben Fleischer, Produced By Ivan Reitman, And Written By Chris Morgan And Dan Aykroyd. It Is A Reimagining Of The 1984 Original Film, Showing What It Would Be Like It If Came Out Today. It Will Be Released On July 22nd.


New York City Deals With An Unexpected Threat: Paranormal Activity Is Spreading Across Everyone And Everything And Also Processing The Souls Of Others. Now, Four Friends Start A Business As Ghostbusters, Dealing With Ghosts That Will Not Stay Dead. However, An Even Greater Paranormal Threat Plans To Destroy The World, As Gozer Gathers Its Powers For The Apocalypse, And Only The Ghostbusters Have What It Takes To Defeat Paranormal Activity This Big.


. Paul Rudd As Dr. Peter Venkman

. Jesse Eisenberg As Dr. Egon Spengler

. Jason Segel As Dr. Ray Stantz

. Anthony Mackie As Dr. Winston Zeddemore

. Zooey Deschanel As Janine Melnitz

. Evangeline Lilly As Dana Barrett

. Michael Cera As Louis Tully

. Adam Scott As Walter Peck

. J.K. Simmons As Lenny Clotch

. Jon Hamm As Ivo Shandor ( Form Of Gozer )

. Andy Serkis As Slimer ( Mo-Cap And Voice )

. Fred Tatasciore As The Voice Of The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man