Ghostbusters: the Series is a upcoming cartoon series based on the Ghostbusters movie franchise.


When an ancient Deity returns to rule the world, a new team of young Ghostbusters: Alan, Gabriel, Kylie and Samuel has arrived.


New Ghostbusters

  • Alan Eason (Josh Keaton): Leader of the new Ghostbusters. He is a
  • Samuel "Sammy" Hazer (Roger Craig Smith): A hotshot paranormal expert and Alan's best friend.
  • Gabriel Sitter (Zino Robinson): An African-American quantum physicist.
  • Kylie Griffin (Tara Strong):
  • Melanie Ortiz (Grey DeLisle):
  • Dani Sphak (Laura Bailey):
  • Jerry
  • Cruster & Crusto (Eric Bauza and John DiMaggio): Two Class-V animators who are the new Mascots of the New Ghostbusters.

Supporting Characters

  • The GhostBusters
    • Peter Venkman
    • Ray Stantz
    • Dr. Egon Spangler
    • Winston Zeddemore
  • Lou


  • Koza'Rai (Kevin Michael Richardson): The father of Gozer and the main antagonist.
  • Scoleri Bros: Nunzio Scoleri and Tony Scoleri, better known as the Scoleri Brothers, were convicted murderers sentenced to death by electrocution by Judge Stephen "The Hammer" Wexler in 1948 at Ossining Prison. They came back as electrical ghosts in 1989, brought forth from the spirit realm by negatively-charged mood slime in Judge Wexler's courtroom. They serve as Koza'Rai's henchmen
    • Tony Scoleri (Jeff Bennett)
    • Nunzio Scoleri (John DiMaggio)
  • Marie Laveau II (Cree Summer)


  • Pappy Sargassi



Proton Pack

  • Proton Stream:
  • Boson Dart:

Dark Metter Generator

  • Shock Blast
  • Stasis Stream

Plasm Distribution System

  • Slime Blower
  • Slime Tether

Composite Particle System

  • Meson Collider
  • Overload Pulse


Season 1

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