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Gex is Back, and with no Memory of his past life, and now with his search for the truth, he begins to remember his old nemesis Rez. and has to stop him.


Movie Island 1: Violet

The Purple Island with amazing genres that is back in the old days of Classical stories. The Bonus Level is based on Opera to collect the Phantoms Mask (39) at a certain time, and head Into the Stage and Grab the Silver Remote.

Channel Parody of Genre Play Enemies
Open Sesame Street Sesame Street, Arabian Nights Arabic Channel Gex must free 3 Genies (1st remote), Ride the Magic Carpet to find the Cave (2nd), Save Princess Big-Butt from Sorceror (3rd), Collect all the Diamonds (Bonus), and look in Snake Pot (Hidden). Sorcerer, Guards, Bandits, Scorpions, Cobras, Flying Swords.
Chim Chem Chimery Chim Chim Cheerios Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks Classic Musicals Gex must go up the Chimneys to reach 1st remote, Go into Chalk pictures to race the racers for second remote, Spank 2 naughty kids for third remote, Head into the Bank (hidden remote), Collect the Umbrellas (bonus. Lions, Chimney Sweepers, Old Ladies, Penguins, Bankers
Long Black Train Station Long Black Train, Western Old Western Gex must run down the train (1st remote), rescue children from the robbers (2nd), Stop Train at train station (3rd remote), collect Arrowheads (bonus), and enter the Engineer's room (hidden). Robbers, Hawks, conductors, Spiders, Scorpions, Bombers.
Cannibal Planet Animal Planet Nature Gex must survive the Jungle of India (1st), Defeat 5 tigers (2nd), ransack the temple of Shiva (3rd), collect the Medallions (bonus), enter the village (hidden). Tigers, Cobras, Mosquitoes, Poachers, Statues.
Gorilla De Vile Cruella De Vile. Boss Defeat Gorilla De Vile to earn a Gold Remote by throwing the stuff back to her. Gorilla De Vile plus Orangutans

Movie Isle 2: Blue

This is the Second Isle, it is more tougher than the first one, and it's genre is more on the Sci-Fi Horror genre. The Bonus level here is based on A Haunted Mansion, and Gex must grab 40 Stakes and head to the heart of the mansion to win the level.

Channel Parody of Genre Play Enemies
Nightmare After Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Gex must survive Holloween City (1st), Climb up the Tower of Terror (2nd), Head down the Sewer shortcut (3rd), collect the Pumpkin heads (bonus), break into the lab (hidden). Scarecrows, Bag-Men, Zombies, Skeletons
Scooby Blooper Reals Scooby Doo Comic Horror Gex must rescue Scooby's friends (first), knock out the Voodoo witches (second), Unmask the faceless Spectre (third), collect the Scooby Snacks (bonus), enter the Mystery Machine (hidden) Voodoo Witches, Faceless Spectre, Rag Dolls, Baskerville hounds, Spiders.
The It Thing The Thing, It Horror Gex must retrieve the cure for the Thing (first), attack the Blobs (second), Escape the Grasp (Third), Collect the Skulls (bonus), and enter the Freezer (Hidden). Blobs, The It Thing, Infected Geckos, Mutant Spiders.
Mad Scientists Mad Science 80's science fiction. Gex must go through the maze of the Minotaur (1st), Take out the Conductors (2nd), Break the Electric Chair (3rd), Collect the Formulas (bonus), enter the Bathroom (hidden). Living Dolls, Minotaur, Robots, Crazy People.
Gexzilla vs. Slimu Godzilla Boss Defeat the Slime Monster with Fire breathes until he turns to glass, and avoid acid breathes. Slimu

Isle 3: Green

After defeating Slimu, Gex regains his memory and realizes that it was X-Tra who was never really in danger but playing his mind, and Gex feels humiliated and heads towards a Isle based on Romance, and True Love. Bonus Level is based on the Love ride and Gex must collect 25 Roses then head back to the entrance.

Channel Parody Genre Play Enemies
Gone with Wind and the Willows Gone with the Wind, Wind and the Willows Classic Romance Gex must go through a Saloon to reach room #7 (1st), Enter the Mansion and take out the Bats (2nd), Save the Maroon Woman (3rd), Collect the flowers (bonus), enter the Lake (bonus). Bats, Gun Stingers, Scorpions, Pigs.
Romeo and Gexiette Romeo and Juliette Shakesphere Gex must reach the yonder tower (1st), defeat Tybalt (mini boss, 2nd), scatter though the catacombs (3rd), collect the daggers (bonus), enter Juliettes room (hidden). Tybalt, Bards, Wolves, Bats, Knights.
Beauty is a Beast Beauty and the Beast Fairytale Gex must retrieve 6 Roses (1st), Climb the Book Ladder (2nd), Survive the Beast's lair (3rd), collect the books (bonus), Open the closet (hidden). Men of the angry mob, living objects, The Beast.
The Butt-Cracker The Nut Cracker Christmas Gex must climb the Christmas Tree (1st), Face the Mouse King (mini boss, 2nd), ride the Toy train (3rd), collect the Nuts (bonus), break the Star (hidden). Mice, Mouse King, Jack in the boxs, Fairies, Rats.
King Hearton King of Hearts. Boss To defeat King Hearton, you must defeat his arms, and then you'll earn a golden remote after you finish him off. King Hearton.

Isle 4: Yellow

This isle is based on Comedy, and even cartoonish shows that can make you laugh right away, The Bonus level is based on Smurfs where you must collect alot of marshmellows and then head to Papa Smurf's house to grab the Silver Remote.

Channel parody genre play enemies
Monty Cristo Python Monty Python Circus Gex must oust Bongo the Great on the Trapeze (mini boss, 1st), Tame the Lions (2nd), Rescue Bikini Girl from falling (3rd), collect cotton candy (bonus), shoot the canons (Hidden). Fire Eaters, Acrobats, Fat Ladies, Lions, Tigers, Bears.
Ol Grease Lighting Grease, Greek Legends Greek Legends Gex must Defeat the Heads of the Hydra (1st), Destroy the Idols (2nd), Rescue Cassandra (3rd), collect the pots (bonus), enter the temple (Hidden). Satyrs, Centaurs, Gladiators, Harpies, Griffins.
Red Skeleton Keys Red Skeleton Comic Horror. Gex must survive the Comic stand (1), Slide down the big slide down (2), dance to "Anything She Does" (3), collect the whoopee cushions (bonus), Enter the curtains (hidden). Comedians, Rez droids.
Arabian Night Live Saturday Night Live Arabian Gex must collect 8 Lamps (1st), Take out the Rocs (2nd), Save Princess Big-Butt from Prince Sinbad (3rd), collect the Feathers (bonus), Enter Harem Room (hidden). Thieves, Prince Sindbad, Scorpions, Sharks, Rocs, and Cyclops.
Boodoman none Boss Gex must face this Cyborg Assassin hired by Rez, and use his weapons against him. Boodoman.

Isle 5: Red

A Primitive World mixed with Rez's and X-Tra's influence, This the toughest yet for Gex, and it requires a nerve of steal to beat both of them. Bonus Level has X-Tra revealed to be an android, and is the mini boss of the level.

Channel Parody Genre Play Enemies
Ice Ice Age Ice Age Prehistory Gex must climb the tallest mountain (1st), Collect the Totems (2nd), Survive the Blizzard (3rd), collect the tusks (bonus), and enter the Cave (hidden). Mammoth, Sabretooth Tiger, Cave-Man, Whale, Entelodont, Gastornis.
Permian Party None Prehistory Gex must survive the Insects (1st), Attack the Dimetrodon (2nd), Enter the Cave (3rd), Collect the bones (bonus), Break a Stalagmite (hidden). Dimetrodon, Dragonflies, Spiders, Arthrapleura.
To Infinity and Beyond the Mysterious Beyond. To Infinity and Beyond. Prehistory Gex must collect Tree Stars (1st), Go across the Lava River (2nd), Defeat Sharptooth (3rd), Collect the Teeth (bonus), enter T-Rex Skull (hidden). Raptors, T-Rex, Sharptooth, Snakes, Allosaurs, Carnotaurs.
Rez-u-aid Society Rescue Aid Society Rez Channel Gex must Collect all of Rez's tokens (1st), and then survive Rez's gauntlet. Rez bots, Rez beasts, Rez dogs, Rez probes.
Rez none Boss Gex must use all of Rez's power against him, in the end Rez is more Gecko and is Gex's father ending Rez for good. Rez.


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