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Why? My article bundle is meant to serve a variety of purposes.

Partition(s) How "Principle of massive information exchange" is organized.

The 'Wikia article bundle' is growing and re-shaping so it requires a functionality (i.e. multiple purposes) perspective - some will browse once and others many times.

Overview: Philosophy, This very article & Message.

Main content: Analogy (i.e. proposal), Solution details.

Length and breath If this was a web site than this would be the site map.

Principle of massive information exchange : Master of this dominion.


Develop web plus email chronicling conversation(s)

Opening a electronic publishing conversation

Documenting examples

Individual to individual electronic communication

Available: augscend file(s)

The proper way to document a computer game

Available: Example file that documents a game stage

Using Wikia

How to divide chat using a free media

► Wielding a flash drive at Meetup.com events

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