Gearbox Films is an American film and television company founded by James Shertick, Edward R. Benjamin and Kasperi Salovaara.


Gearbox Films started as a vanity production company run by James and Ed, two graduates, under the name Shertick-Benjamin Productions (shortened to SherBen).

Gearbox Films Fund

Gearbox Films Fund, similarly to Bron Creative, provides equity for studio productions and senior secured debt financing on appropriate film and television productions. It is responsible for managing and financing production initiatives/joint ventures with local film institutes, tax shelters, broadcasters and funds around the world, such as INCAA in Argentina, Danish Film Institute in Denmark, Ancine in Brazil, NRK in Norway, and Nordisk Film og TV Fond across the Nordic countries.

It started operations as Styhon Golden Screen Ventures, and is managed semi-autonomously by Kasperi Salovaara's business partner Martin Glass. All films funded by Gearbox Films Fund credit the Gearbox Films as a participating production company, usually under the "in association with" or "with the participation of" credits, with Martin Glass as an executive producer.

List of films



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