Gavin is a character from ROBLOX: My Ego. He is a male. He is an ordinary ROBLOXian who has a dark side to him, an alter ego named Reg, whom he meets when Reg destroys a tycoon in which Stacy works at. He is the younger brother of Alvin and Timothy. His friend is a girl named Eve. His enemy is a boy named Duncan who is the school bully.


Gavin wears red ROBLOX glasses and has a ROBLOX figurine on his shoulder. He has blue hair and tan skin. He wears a purple hoodie and greyish-green jeans. He wears white shoes.


He is fine on his own but insecure when attempting to control his alter ego, Reg. His friends are Eve, Alvin and Timothy. His enemy is the school bully, Duncan.

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