Gasmoxian Grace is a downloadable content pack for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Giving the potential to unlock the exclusive features without pre-ordering the game or buying the Nitros Oxide Edition. As well having a brand new Adventure Mode based of the original story from Crash Nitro Kart.

It's released on June 21st, 2020, and cost $20.99 to €18.62.



CTRNF-Brainwashed Dingodile

Brainwashed Dingodile Icon

CTRNF-Brainwashed Polar

Brainwashed Polar Icon

CTRNF-Brainwashed Pura

Brainwashed Pura Icon

Add ImageFake Velo Icon
  1. Star Crash
  2. Electron Crash
  3. Star Cortex
  4. Electron Cortex
  5. Star Coco
  6. Electron Coco
  7. Deadeye N. Gin
  8. Brainwashed Dingodile
  9. Brainwashed Polar
  10. Brainwashed Pura
  11. Smarty Pants Fake Crash
  12. Star Nitros Oxide
  13. Electron Nitros Oxide
  14. Robot Crunch
  15. Fake Velo


  1. Glimmering Sparks Decal
  2. Team Velo Kart
  3. Team Velo Golden Paint Job
  4. Nitros Oxide Indigo Paint Job
  5. Fake Velo
  6. Moon Base Sticker
  7. Gasmoxia Sticker
  8. Laser Blaster Sticker
  9. Spaceship Sticker
  10. Space Insignia Sticker

Power Ups

  1. Giant Bubble
  2. Ice Mine
  3. Invisibility
  4. Joke Teeth
  5. N. Tropy Clock
  6. Power Shield
  7. Red Eye Missile
  8. Shark Teeth
  9. Static Orb
  10. Sticky Fruit
  11. Super Engine
  12. Tornado Top
  13. Voodoo Doll


  1. Gasmoxian Grace Adventure Mode
    1. Classic
    2. Nitro Fueled
  2. Race Track Modes
    1. Normal
    2. Anti-Gravity

Other Content

  1. The Giant Sand Worms are added back to "Out of Time" race course.
  2. All characters like Crunch Bandicoot, Krunk, Small/Big Norm, Nash, N. Trance, Real Velo, Geary, Zam and Zem can be earned instead for unlocking all of them with Wumpa Coins.
  3. Velo's Citadel replaces the traditional Trophy Podium after any Nitro Kart level is finished.
  4. The first Adventure Mode being renamed to Escalation Earth with a seperate tab.


  • While Velo's species was never really classified, the remade storyline for this DLC suggests that he (and his fellow subjects) are all inhabitants from Oxide's home planet Gasmoxia.
  • The laugh of the Velo Mask is pitched down in a tie-in update, to make it resemble a bit more the previous version.
  • In the final cutscene after choosing Team Bandicoot, Coco reads a tablet device instead of a book.
  • Hell is replaced with the word heck. Due to keeping it's ESRB and PEGI ratings.
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