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Garry's Mod is an upcoming remastered sandbox physics game created by Garry Newman, developed and published by Valve Corporation, the game is a remastered of Garry's Mod (2004), a sandbox physics game for Microsoft Windows, PC, and macOS, but the game got remastered, and going to two platforms, and that is, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, in Winter 2019


Garry's Mod is a remastered video game of the 2004 game Garry's Mod, the game has new graphics, new controls, and new maps for you to unlock in Story Mode, where you get to play as a avatar, you can create or customize your character in story mode or sandbox, in story mode you need to fight a zombie apocalypse to save a girl name Mira, captured by demons from hell, so it's up to you to save her, Garry's Mod has the same mechanics from the previous game


  1. Yuri Lowenthal, Troy Baker, Roger Craig Smith, Kyle Hebert, Daniel Dae Kim, Khary Payton, Kenn Michael, Arif S. Kinchen, Terry Crews, Alex Desert As Male Avatar
  2. Mila Kunis, Meredith McCoy, Tara Platt, Laura Bailey, Eliza Dushku, Sy Smith, Kyla Pratt, GK Bowes, Viola Davis, Zendaya As Female Avatar
  3. TBA


  • Story Mode
  • Sandbox
  • Multiplayer
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Options


  • Spacesuit
  • TBA

Weapons & Tools

  • Gravity Gun
  • Tool Gun
  • TBA



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