Gang Wars is an American video game. It is developed by 2K and published by 2K


When the Neon Dragons gets into a special situation known as the Battle for Detroit in order to become the biggest and baddest gang.


It Begins in the known bar as the club of a rival gangs called the Silver Demons as they suddenly notice Brenda, the leader of their rival gang, the Neon Dragons. taking a drink. That causes them to pull out their guns and aim at her. She ends up escaping after shooting the Silver Demons members. After escaping the bar, she finds a thing that is a drug called Poppy, which can cause them to become high and become insane. Brenda then hurts her left arm while trying to escape the evil gang


  • Brenda Johnson (voiced by Ashly Burch) - the leader of a gang known as the Neon Dragons who is the main protagonist and anti-heroine.
  • Julio Rodriguez (voiced by Troy Baker) - He is Brenda's boyfriend and partner who is rather being a thug and drug dealer.
  • Hector Rogers (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - The third-in-command of the Neon Dragons who is one of the main characters and becomes an important figure to
  • Courtney Austin (voiced by TBD) - A known scam artist who joins the gang to fight against the Silver Demons and is
  • Andrew Johnson (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - He is the brother to Brenda Johnson who is now a trusted member of the Neon Dragons and
  • Audrey Sparks (voiced by TBD) - A prostitute who is a thug and drug addict being a member of the Neon Dragons and
  • Lily King (voiced by TBD) - Sam's younger sister who is the rival to Brenda who is the leader of the Silver Demons and wants to
  • Sam King (voiced by Liam O'Brien) - The second-in-command of a rival gang of Brenda's and Hector's former friend turned rival after he found out that his ex was cheating on him with Hector, now he wants to get revenge on Hector.
  • Rodger Cross (voiced by TBD) - He is the former rival to Julio who is now best friend and partner being a
  • Sarah Lukas (voiced by TBD) - A gold digger who is the current member of the Neon Dragons and is the one of the
  • Maurice (voiced by TBD) - A known druggie who is the one of the members of the Neon Dragons


  • This game is based on GTA, Watch Dogs, Saints Row, Mafia, Sleeping Dogs and The Godfather.
  • Due to it become most popular gangster video game since GTA series.
  • Gang Wars has secret Easter eggs alluding the locations
  • It is a part of an upcoming franchise following The Neon Dragons.
  • It is like a realistic graphic video game because
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