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Gaming Gambit is an animated satirical comedy series created by James Wright, which follows the misadventures of four passionate gamers living in their apartment.


Four gamers: Dan, Ron, Tom and Hank live in an unusually quiet city named Antic-City, playing games and having fun... Or so they seem to do.


Daniel "Dan" L. Harrison - the 25-year-old leader of the four, who is very bossy and cruel. He is voiced by James Wright.

Ronald "Ron" C. Harrison - Dan's 15-year-old brother and a newbie among the team. He is voiced by Grant Palmer.

Hank M. Stevens - A 37-year-old mechanic of the four. He is voiced by Greg Cipes.

Thomas "Tom" U. Gamington - a 48-year-old gaming professional, who had been in the team ever since its first appearance.

The Creator - a representation of the series' creator, who acts as a supporting character in the 1st season and becomes the main antagonist in the 2nd.


List of Gaming Gambit episodes


After the end of "Madical Treatment", Wright decided to return to Nickelodeon to pitch his new show based on a short he did in 1997. The show was announced to be in development on April 28, 2016, under the working title The Gamers. On September 11, 2017, the show's first season was officially greenlit by Nickelodeon under its current title, consisting of 13 episodes. Then, the show was originally set to premiere in 2020, because Wright believed he couldn't finish it on time due to being set as a director of Madical Treatment: The Movie at the time.

On August 29, 2019, Nickelodeon renewed the show for second and third seasons, before the show officially premiered. On the same day, Wright uploaded the original 1997 short on his YouTube channel.

On December 12, 2019, Wright announced that the show will move to Comedy Central after the first season will finish airing on Nickelodeon, stating that the executives thought the show is "too violent and crude" for their tastes. He commented on the subject, saying:

You say my show is sadistic and dangerous, yet you greenlit "Invader Zim" which follows the same pattern! What's wrong with you, Nick?!

The second season eventually premiered on Comedy Central on August 21, 2020, consisting of 11 episodes.

Other media

Netflix film

On July 1, 2021, Wright announced that a Netflix original film based on the series is in development.


On July 1, 2021, Wright announced that a spin-off series is in development, and will be centered around Dan's adventures between the 3rd season of the original show.


The show had mixed reception among fans and critics during its first season, but started getting more negative reception by its second season. During that season, the show took a step from its original plotline, turning "a nice little show about passionate gamers into a dark, sadistic program filled to the brim with shock value, lazy writing and hate speech". The show's most controversial episodes are "All You Think About is Money" (which follows the characters invading Nickelodeon studio after being suggested to turn them into TV personalities) and "The Day the Earth Blew Up" (which follows Tom murdering everyone he hates, including religious people and members of LGBT community), both of which got permanently banned from the network. Wright himself commented on the subject, saying:

I think you're not getting it, people. The show is not supposed to be funny, it's bad on purpose. I basically use it to state my opinion on subjects i dislike.