G.I. Joe: Legacy
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Science fiction

Based on

G.I. Joe by Hasbro

Developed by


Voices of

Jason Spisak
Khary Payton
Brian Bloom
Hynden Walch
Nolan North
Josh Keaton
Mae Whitman



Country of

United States





Meghan McCarthy

Running time

22 min. (approx.)


Entertainment One


Entertainment One




Original release

April 1st, 2020-present

G.I. Joe: Legacy, alternately known as Hasbro's G.I. Joe: Legacy, is an American animated action-adventure-science fiction television series based on the G.I. Joe franchise by Hasbro, being developed by TBD. It is produced by Entertainment One and it airs on Hub since April 1st, 2020.


The series follows the G.I. Joe crew as they fight the threats of Cobra as they try to take over all of the United States.



  • Conrad "Duke" S. Hauser (voiced by Jason Spisak) - the head of the prime G.I. Joe strike force who often makes TBD.
  • Marvin "Roadblock" F. Hinton (voiced by Khary Payton) - TBD
  • Wallace "Rip Cord" A. Weems (voiced by Brian Bloom) - TBD
  • Snake Eyes (non-speaking, voiced by Steven Blum in flashbacks) - TBD
  • Shana "Scarlett" M. O'Hara (voiced by Hynden Walch) - TBD


  • Jaye "Lady Jaye" Burnett (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - TBD
  • Dashiell "Flint" R. Faireborn (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - a master strategist who TBD.
  • Jinx (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) - TBD
  • Gen. Joseph Colton (voiced by J.K. Simmons) - the now wheelchair-bound original G.I. Joe who is TBD.
  • Tunnel Rat (voiced by Eric Bauza) - TBD
  • Breaker (voiced by Jack DeSena) - a hacker who TBD.


  • COBRA, consisting of:
    • Adam DeCobray/Cobra Commander (voiced by Nolan North) - the leader of COBRA who is obsessed with becoming TBD.
    • James McCullen Destro XXIV (voiced by Josh Keaton) - the CEO of M.A.R.S. Industries and COBRA's top benefactor who wears an iron mask and plots to use M.A.R.S.' technology for COBRA's needs.
    • Anastasia Cisarovna/Anastasia DeCobray/Baroness (voiced by Mae Whitman) - Adam's adopted sister who is secretly resentful of TBD.
    • Storm Shadow (voiced by Dante Basco) - Snake Eyes' former best friend and ally who defected to Cobra in order to TBD.
    • Firefly (voiced by Seth Green) - a mentally insane pyromaniac who is obsessed with fire and enjoys watching things burn.
    • Dr. Mindbender (voiced by John DiMaggio) - a scientist obsessed with the mind who has been developing various experiments involving the TBD.
    • Zartan (voiced by Travis Willingham) - a physically capable mercenary working for COBRA who has enhanced his body, making him immune to most forms of damage.
    • Zandar (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - Zartan's younger brother who despite not sharing Zandar's near invulnerability, is a master at guerrilla warfare, being extremely good at stealth.
    • Zarana (voiced by Grey Griffin) - Zartan's younger sister who is a master of disguise capable of changing her voice and looks to mimic almost any female out there.
    • Zanya (voiced by Jessie Flower) - Zartan's biological daughter who inherited her father's near invincibility yet is also trained to be a master at martial arts.
    • Overkill (voiced by Jim Meskimen) - an intelligent BAT who is creepy and has control over all of COBRA's technology.
    • Major Bludd (voiced by TBD) - TBD
    • Tomax and Xamot (both voiced by TBD) - two twins who are considered to be COBRA's law department as they are capable of covering COBRA's crimes and placing the blame on the G.I. Joes.
    • Scrap Iron (voiced by TBD) - TBD
    • Dr. Venom (voiced by TBD) - TBD
    • Copperhead (voiced by TBD) - TBD
    • Serpentor/"Rex Lewis" (also voiced by Josh Keaton) - a clone made from Duke, Adam and Destro's DNA who was designed to be the ultimate weapon as he soon gains intelligence and leads a splinter group against Adam with Baroness and Firefly helping his side in the COBRA civil war.


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