Here is the future of Disney's 20th Century Fox Animation and Fox Television Animation after the Disney-Fox merger.


Disney will close down both 20th Century Fox Animation and Fox Television Animation, and split them into five studios. Blue Sky Studios will fold Pixar and all films from Blue Sky and Pixar will be owned under Walt Disney Pictures, all of 20th Century Fox's family-oriented animated films will be owned under Walt Disney Animation Studios, and all of Fox's family-oriented animated shows will be owned under Disney Television Animation, while all of Fox's adult animated shows and films will be owned under ABC Animation. ABC Animation is essentially Disney's adult animated division of Disney Television Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios, that produces adult animated shows on ABC, and feature films and shorts for Touchstone Pictures and 20th Century Fox. The only ABC Animation show that is for kids, co-produced by Disney Television Animation, is DisneyTV, the animated sketch comedy show.

No 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare

Future family-oriented Fox Animation films and shows and future prints of pre-2020 Fox Animation family-oriented films and shows will have no 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare (except for the animated series based on the family-oriented fox movies and shows). As a result, the Disney logo will appear on every family-oriented Fox Animation media.

Disney's animated libraries

Walt Disney Animation Studios will gather it's own media, the Disney-owned animated Tim Burton media (such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, and Frankenweenie) and the family-oriented 20th Century Fox animated media while Disney Television Animation will gather it's own media and the family-oriented Fox animated media. ABC Animation will gather the animated ABC media and all of adult animated Fox media.

Disney will re-release all Walt Disney Animation Studios (including Ralph Breaks the Internet for it's extended edition in both 2D and 3D), The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, Frankenweenie, and family-oriented Fox films together for 3D releases, while Touchstone and/or Fox will re-release all adult animated Fox films together by ABC Animation.

Future Tinker Bell movies

Disney will make future Tinker Bell films not produced by DisneyToon Studios, but by Disney Television Animation. There are Tinker Bell 7, Tinker Bell 8, Tinker Bell 9, Tinker Bell 10, Tinker Bell and the Land of FernGully (the crossover between Tinker Bell and FernGully). Tinker Bell will get a show.

Anastasia is the next Disney Princess

Disney will make Anastasia the official Disney Princess.

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