Funtropolis City
Background Information
Feature films * Adventures in The Wild World
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Designer Pharaoh Septober
Inspiration * Australia
  • Zootopia City
  • New York
  • Sidney
  • World Locations
Other Information
Other names * Fun Animal Island
  • Fun World
  • Fun Animal Districts
Location Pacific Ocean
Inhabitants World Animals
Students World Animals
Visitors World Animals and Humans
Final state
Funtropolis is a enormous island located in Pacific Ocean and the main setting of the amusement park "Diver-Country" the fun movie "Adventures in The Wild World".


  • Downtown District: The main district and city of the island, where all the animals of each district meet.
  • Kalimanjaroland: A city where Savannah Animals.
  • Prairie Town: A village where there are animals that live in the meadow.
  • Desert Valley: A district where the animals of the desert and there is much culture like that of Egypt.
  • Jungle Civilization: A city full of ancient temples, animals of the jungle.
  • Polaria: A district full of polar animals.
  • Boreal Hills: A forest full of trees, forest animals and northern lights (similar to those of Polaria)
  • Swampburg: A city where there are rivers, lakes, swamps and animals that live in them.
  • Funtropolis Zoo: The Funtropolis´ Prison (a zoo like a prison) that is on Island´s outlands.
  • Funtropolis Haunted District: A forbidden city where there are frightening animals. (Adventures in The Wild World meets The TOBER-Movie's city).


  • Downtown District: Zombies, Frankenstein Monsters, Witches and more monsters.
  • Kalimanjaroland: Clowns, Ghosts, Witches, Frankenstein Monsters and Zombies.
  • Prairie Town: Witches, Prairie monster.
  • Desert Valley: Mummies, Demons, Seth´s Creature, Ghosts, Devourers and Gods.
  • Jungle Civilization: Mummies, Witches, Chupacabras, Demons, Gods, Devourers and Vampires.
  • Polaria: Bearberus, Yeti, Zombies, Winter Ghosts and Vampires.
  • Boreal Hills: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Aliens, Witches, Savage Animals, Demons and Frankenstein Monsters.
  • Swampburg: Swamp Monsters, Witches, Slime Monsters, Radioactive Octopuses, Savage Animals.
  • Funtropolis Zoo: Zombies, Robots, Aliens and Clowns
  • Funtropolis Haunted District: All the monsters.

Post-apocalyptic Version

Appears in Hell Rust: Monster-Demon Darkapocalypse and these are it changes:

  • Many antiperson mines.
  • Shot marks.
  • Fire.
  • Blood.
  • Nuclear Boombings.
  • Corrosive sustances.
  • Pandemics and other viruses.
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