Fun and Fancy Free II: Cindy's Adventure Is A 2008 Film.

Voice Cast

  • Kath Soucie as Cindy Bear/Lulubelle
  • Tom Kenny as Boom Boom
  • Gail Matthius as Roxie Bear
  • Bill Farmer as Goofy
  • Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck
  • Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse
  • Frank Welker as Bongo the Bear/Lumpjaw
  • John Goodman as Baloo
  • Will Ryan as Willie the Giant/Jinimy Cricket
  • B. J. Ward as Yin/Buttercup/Mrs. Bear/Bebe
  • Janet Waldo as Minska Bruinavich
  • Rob Paulsen as Yang


  • Welcome Back - Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Yin and Yang
  • Junkyard Society Rag - Roxie Bear, Cindy Bear, Lulubelle and Boo Boo Bear
  • Anywhere in Your Dreams - Boom Boom and Cindy Bear


  • Bree: Sweet Nightmares!
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