Frozen is an animated TV series based on the 2013 film. It will be produced by Disney Television Animation and air on ABC Family and then Disney Channel. Like Olaf's Frozen Adventure, it will not be produced by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and the music will not be produced by the Lopez couple.

Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad will return with a new voiced cast. And this show will have a new plot as it will not be a continuation of the film series, but a more-adult standalone series involving life lessons for preschoolers. This show will only run for two seasons.


Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven go on adventures together in the city of Arendelle. Along the way, Elsa wants to find her past but her ancestors, Ingrid and Leonard who live on the other island advise her that times will change naturally. Within the series, Elsa unfortunately forgets to know who she truly is, until helped by her snow king love interest, Erling, but Ingrid tells her that she cannot change the past.

Throughout the course of the series, Anna leads her friends in solving mysteries and problems, learn to care, love, share, read, and imagine, and discover negative issues such as breaking up, cutting ties, divorce, and handling peer pressure.


Main cast

  • Princess Anna (voiced by Rachel Hirschfeld) - a clever, intelligent, gentle, fearless optimist and princess of Arendelle. Though kind and caring and still sometimes clumsy and impulsive, she can be bossy, emotional, grumpy, and hot-headed when things go wrong especially when Elsa messes up with her or hurts her. But she is also shown two be a confident, goody-two-shoes, person.
    • Young Anna (voiced by Rachel Ryals)
  • Elsa the Snow Queen (voiced by Phillipa Soo) - Anna's intelligent, down-to-earth yet playful and gifted older sister still known as the queen of Arendelle and for her ice powers. While she enjoys studying geometry, she is a bit dim-witted in socializations, laid-back, and practical-joking when annoying Anna. Throughout the series, she wants to find her past, but can be nervous and insecure when she encounters a problem. But sometimes she would make her ice powers as curses.
    •  Young Elsa is unvoiced.
  • Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) - a rugged mountain climber who is Anna's ex-boyfriend in which both of them don't want to talk or hear about romance anymore. Although, Anna still cares for him very much.
  • Sven (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - Kristoff's reindeer.
  • Bruni - Elsa's pet salamander who loves tasting her icy powers.
  • Lieutenant Destin Mattias (Olamide Faison) - Anna's dim-witted best friend and minion.
  • Erling the Snow King (voiced by Jonathan Dokuchitz) - Elsa's love interest inspired from Dmitri from Anastasia. He will become Elsa's husband in the second half of Season 2.
  • Leonard the Ice Emperor (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) - Elsa's gentle, kindhearted ancestor and headmaster and Arendelle's discovery director and philosopher who guides her to find her past. Inspired by Vladimir from Anastasia.

Recurring cast

  • Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) - a happy, giggly, comedic, warm-hearted snowman who always loves to enjoy the summer. Near the end of the second season, he appears less often as he would work for Darkwing Duck in the reboot.
  • Grand Pabbie (voiced by David DeLuise)
  • Bulda and Cliff (voiced by Anika Noni Rose and Bruno Campos)
  • Marshmallow (voiced by John DiMaggio) - Marshmallow's biggest brother made as a gigantic snow monster by Elsa.
  • Yelana (Cherie Gil)
  • Honeymaren (Shay Mitchell)
  • Ryder (Manny Jacinto)
  • Queen Colisa (voiced by Lea Michele)
  • Mari (voiced by Megan Hilty)
  • Ingrid the Snow Grand Empress (voiced by Jane Carr) - Elsa's ancestor and guardian who advises Elsa that she cannot change her past and takes her to many places that would inspire her to find a purpose. Inspired by Dowager Empress Marie from Anastasia.
  • Queen Marisol (voiced by Courtney Reed) - the Queen of Eldora and Elsa's best friend.
  • Marie Christine de Belle (voiced by Kristen Bell) - a bell-founder and cleaner who makes, fixes, and cleans the bells in Arendelle. She is a pun on her voice actress, and the original voice of Anna, Kristen Bell.
  • King Agnarr (voiced by Aaron Lohr)
  • Queen Iduna (voiced by Idina Menzel) - Anna and Elsa's mother who gives them and their friends advice on how things happen in everyday life but encourage them to dream big and solve situations.
  • The Snowflake Spirit (voiced by Idina Menzel)

Main antagonists

  • Hans (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - a villainous prince who wishes to be king and take over Arendelle.
  • The Duke of Weselton (voiced by Stoney Westmoreland) Hans' bumbling assistant.

Minor characters

  • Aaron the Snowman (voiced by Dylan O'Brien) - Olaf's adoptive brother who joins him, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven on some of their adventures.

Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Santino Fontana, Alan Tudyk, and Chris Williams, the original cast members, will make guest speaking appearances as different characters as well as the citizens of Arendelle.


Season 1

  • Frozen Legends (pilot)
  • A True Sisterhood
  • The Long-Term Harvest
  • The Royal Sommerhus

The gang learns about house-sitting and caring and sharing.

  • Sweet Treat Contest
  • A Funny Takeover
  • Uncompromised
  • The Queen Breaks the Rules
  • Carnival of Monarchs
  • Olaf Gets Illiterate

Anna and Elsa teach Olaf how to read, comprehend, and improve his vocabulary so he can use new words if necessary.

Season 2

  • Natural Team Exploration

As Anna and her friends explore the Enchanted Forest and the North Mountain, Kristoff notices there are animals in trouble, but Anna advises him that it would be hard to rescue them and some can die easily.

  • Kristoff's Perfect Birthday
  • Mind the Emperor
  • Gift from the Heart
  • New Life, New Home

Anna, being in a grumpy mood scolds Elsa for freezing up some of the objects in her room. So Elsa decides to head to the Glacier Isles with her ancestors so she can have a new life. Anna, now being sorry has to rescue her with the help of the citzens of Arendelle.

Anna (who takes the role of Ebenezer Scrooge), despite her wisdom, optimism, caring attitude, and penchant for Christmas, is in a grumpy mood which the citizens of Arendelle including Colisa (taking the role of Bob Cratchit) dislike. She is told by the Duke of Weselton (as Jacob Marley) to encounter Erling, Leonard, and Hans, the three spirits of the Christmas past, present, and future to change her heart. Elsa sings throughout this story which she later finds out annoying to Anna.

  • The Snowflake Spirit

As Elsa enjoys playing with her ice powers, but suddenly encounters a Snowflake Spirit, a beautiful little creature whom Elsa decides to house her with her hands to stop her from melting.

  • I Will Never Leave You

Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf decide to go their separate ways after years of reuniting and spending time together and Elsa's ice powers are given away. Anna returns to Arendelle to become a new queen, Elsa finds a place outside the Southern Isles where she, Bruni, and a few snowgies can live in the streets, Kristoff and Sven decide to live in the Enchanted Forest with the Natives, and Olaf sails away to St. Canard to work for Darkwing Duck as his sidekick (though not directly mentioned; he states that he need to work abroad). After all, no matter where they are, they will always be in each other's hearts.


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