Frosty's Big Musical Movie is a 2018 animated musical special, created by DHX Media, Universal Pictures and Dreamworks Animation, followed by The Legend of Frosty the Snowman, and also Season 4, Episode 4 is where Frosty plans a first musical concert in Evergreen in the woods—and this excites Tommy, Charlie, Sara, Walter, Sonny, Sullivan, Simon and Mayor Tinkerton and all of the citizens!



Frosty and his friends, including Mr. Tinkerton the Mayor are getting ready for a big musical, and everyone in the town of Evergreen are coming. But however Snowden the Snowman, Frosty's cousin/ partner in the act, loses his voice, and we need someone to sing replacing him.

Will Frosty be able to find out who his new partner is, or is he going to give up and cancel the show?


At the start of the movie, Sara Simple, her love interest; Tommy Tinkerton and Walter Wader are shown waking up Frosty. They're all preparing for a big musical show and now they can really get ready.

Mr. Tinkerton the mayor said that it is time for have breakfast, and leaves with his wife; Mrs. Tinkerton and Tommy's brother; Charlie Tinkerton. Frosty remembers that today's the big music show and he almost forget. Fortunately, he tells his friends, through song, that if we work fast and hard, they can still be ready in time for the big show, which is about what everyone wants to be when they grow up.

After getting ready, Frosty, his cousin; Snowden, Sara, Tommy, Walter and the Skarlow Triplets walk into the kitchen of the Tinkerton's house for a breakfast. Mr. Tinkerton and Mrs. Tinkerton serve food such as pancakes, toast, fruit, and orange juice.

While eating, the characters begin a conversation about the music show. Afterwards, Sara gives Mr. Tinkerton and Frosty two checklists of things that they need to do to get ready for the big show.

Voice Casts


September 9, 2018

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