Friday Night Lights is the thirteenth episode from the third season of Fox TV series The Simons. The episode was written by Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman and directed by Jim Reardon.


Craig tries to get a date with Gabrielly, her classmate. But he has to deal with Antonio and Lucas, who will possibly put his date wrecked.



Character Voice actor Mexican Voice Actor
Craig Simon Dan Castellaneta Yamil Atala
Dave Simon Herman López
Pizza Deliveryman Carlos del Campo
Courtney Griffin Carolyn Lawrence Liliana Barba
Mary Simon Jill Talley Patricia Palestino
Bathing Woman (Megan) Miranda Richardson Rebeca Patiño
Blooregard "Stanley" Framagucci Michael Sullivan Armando Volcanes
Maurice Simon José Luis Orozco
Mariana Patricia Palestino
Bus Driver Carlos del Campo
Bob Gribble Maurice LaMarche Ricardo Tejedo
Fernando Yure Arturo Mercado
Drug Store Clerk Moisés Palacios
Bill Dauterive Stephen Root Humberto Vélez
Gabrielly Jennifer Tilly Patricia Palestino
Antonio Jan Rabson Gabriel Pingarrón
Diogo Ralph Garman
Tailson Herman López
Fernando Yan Patricia Palestino
Lucas Chris Cox Gabriel Pingarrón
Rafael Rubén Trujillo
Davi Óscar Flores
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