Free Netherfall
Felix Lee
Astral Knights Gold Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Astral Knights
Colors: Gold
Homeworld: Spectra
First Appearance: PRaAK episode 4 (cameo as Darctra)
PRaAK episode 6 (first major appearance as Darctra)
PRaAK episode 15 (first major appearance as Quickflash)
PRaAK episode 20 (first major appearance as Free and the Gold Ranger)
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Face/Voice Claims: Felix Lee
Astral Knights Gold Ranger
Free Netherfall is the Astral Knights Gold Ranger of the Astral Knight Rangers.



Short Biography

As Quickflash he is shown to be cunning by using the bright fireworks to make his break with the Constellation Keys. According to Dawn, he always gets what he seeks.

Putting his aliases aside, Free tends to prefer being a lone wolf and generally holds a strong responsibility for himself, mainly rooted from the guilt he has of being unable to save his home planet Spectra, rejecting his friends' kind offers and assistance in the beginning and blaming himself when he fails to accomplish his goals, but he gradually warms up around them as the series goes on. Owing to his past career as Quickflash, he has a bad habit of stealing. Despite all this, Free is still kindhearted.

Despite being a major hero, Free is overall a morally gray character: on one hand he is learning to be heroic enough to save the universe and cares for his friends, but on the other hand, he still thieves the plundered treasures of Spectra. He has a habit of teasing people too.

Astral Knights Gold Ranger




  • Orion AstralZord

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