This sequel to the MCA/ Universal Classic Freddy the Frog is sure to be amazing, with more characters, more fun and a must-see victory!



The story begins after Freddy battled some bad guys in the U.S.A, and then, in Europe, a mysteriously cloaked crook sees the electrocuted body of Messina and sprinkles on some life-fixing potion and then, Messina comes back to life and screams "I'm alive!" Later on, El Supremo is back to his old self, thanks to a upsize potion by the masked menace. Suddenly, Nessie sees these events and warns Freddy "Danger, danger" Then, Freddy stops at a nearby zoo to call up a great horned owl named Oliver Mc-duff, an American alligator named Arlondo, a leghorn chicken named Larry, a turkey named Tommy, a very talkative gray parrot named Pollina, a Hyena named Hilda, a scorpion named Snippy and other critters to come to help him defeat the bad guys, put them in jail and save Europe again.

Towards the end, Messina is attacked by various animals before being tied up by some police vultures and the gentle-ravens, and Freddy beats his chest and says "sorry, once again your chickens have once again come home to roost with the turkeys and owls" Then, El Supremo cries "Yikes, he's going to eat me!" as he trembles before the angry gator who says "that'll teach you not to mess with me" Then, the so-called crook is revealed to be Freddy's stepfather who is forgiven and says "Good job, avenging your family, my stepson" As Messina and El Supremo swear revenge, Arlondo snorts and says "ta-ta, bad guys" Then, Oliver owl says "You did, hoo-hoo my!" Then, Larry Leghorn and Tommy turkey chat with each other, while Arlondo puts an end to El Supremo's and Messina's lairs by blowing it up with dynamite. Later on, the animals and people are freed and thank Freddy for saving Europe again. Then, Hilda says "well, that's no laughing matter!"

Meanwhile, in jail, Messina and El Supremo argue and swear that they'll be back to seek some revenge.

and then, the narrator [who's a gentle wizard named Marvin] says whilst Nessie tells everyone it's safe to come out "With Messina and El Supremo defeated once more and locked up in prison, the world echoed once again with living chickens who returned home to roost! For with the return of a kind wizard and his wife, Freddy the frog once again, had saved the day! So the animals, Freddy, his new stepfather and everyone else lived happily ever after...except for Messina!" Then, as the end title appears, an owl hoots in the forest and flies past the screen. Credits roll

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