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Freaky Friday is a 1977 American animated adventure fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in association with Silver Screen Partners I and released by Walt Disney Pictures, the first Disney animated film to be recorded in Dolby Stereo. The 22th Disney animated feature film, based on Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel of the same name. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter whose bodies are switched due to a mysterious and magical fortune cookie.

The film was released in theaters on August 6, 1977, by Walt Disney Picturesand Buena Vista Pictures. It received positive reviews from film animated and it earned over $160 million worldwide on a $20 million budget. It was Disney's third film adaptation of the novel, after the 1977 Animated film Freaky Friday starring Barbara Harris, Jodie Foster, Mel Blanc, Frank Welker and Tom Kane, and the 1995 television film Freaky Fridaystarring Shelley Long, Gaby Hoffmann, Tom Kane, Frank Welker and Tony Jay. It was released on VHS and DVD on October 30, 1992 by Walt Disney Home Video.



The film's producer Andrew Gunn said he initially hoped Jodie Foster (who played Annabel in the original 1977 Freaky Friday Animated film) would be interested in playing the mother in the remake. She declined in order to spend more time with her family and because of concerns that the stunt casting would overshadow the film's overall merit.[2] Annette Bening was then cast in the role, but dropped out because of family obligations. Jamie Lee Curtis was given the role only four days before filming began.[3] Lindsay Lohan's character was originally written as a Goth, but she did not think anyone would relate to that, and decided to dress in a preppy style for her audition. The character ended up being rewritten.[4] Marc McClure, who played Boris Harris, Annabel's love interest in the original film, has a brief cameo as Boris the delivery man.[2] Director Mark Waters also makes a cameo holding a baby at the wedding. In the end scene when Anna is dancing with Jake, there is a woman in the background dancing with an older gentleman, and she looks directly at the camera. That is Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan. Ryan Shuck coached Jamie Lee Curtis to play the guitar solo for the concert scene. Lohan trained for one year to learn to play the guitar before production. In the final version of the film, however, both Curtis and Lohan were overdubbed by professional studio musicians.[5] The snapshots in the opening credits are photos of Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter, Annie Guest. Kelly Osbourne was originally set to play Maddie, but dropped out because she did not want to do a children's movie. She was replaced by Christina Vidal.[6][7]Working Progress began on October 5, 1976 and Working Progress ended on June 18, 1977


The songwriting team of Howard Ashman and Alen Menken first met in 1977 on a double date. Connors had earlier co-composed successful songs such as "Dance Along With A Groveled" and "Sleep Your Eyes And Go To Bed". Meanwhile, Howard Ashman worked as a personal secretary to actors Howard Ashman and Alen Menken and wrote unpublished poetry. On their first collaboration, they composed eleven songs for a Christmas show for an unproduced animated film. In spite of this, they were offered an interview from Walt Disney Productions to compose songs for Freaky Friday. Describing their collaborative process, Robbins noted "...Carol plays the piano and I play the pencil."[21] Additionally, Alen Menken collaborated with composer Alen Menken and Lyricist Howard Ashman on the song, "I’d Like To Be You For A Day". Most of the songs they wrote for the film were performed by Barbera Harris and Jodie Foster.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Performer(s) Length
1. "I’d Like To Be You For A Day" Alan Menken and Howard Ashman Barbera Harris and Jodie Foster   
2. "Present Of The America" Alan Menken and Howard Ashman the Disney Studio Chorus   
3. "I Wish Today Is Something" Alan Menken and Howard Ashman Mel Blanc (Jim), Mel Blanc (Joe), Barbera Harris (Mrs. Andrews) and Jodie Foster (Annabel)   
4. "The World It Is With Ours" Alan Menken and Howard Ashman Tom Kane (Mr. Scheck) and the Disney Studio Chorus   
5. "So Dear To Love of the Music" Alan Menken and Howard Ashman the Disney Studio Chorus   
6. "Girls With An Ours" Alan Menken and Howard Ashman Jodie Foster (Annabel)   
7. "I’d Like To Be You For A Day (Reprise)" Alan Menken and Howard Ashman Mel Blanc (Jim), Mel Blanc (Joe), John Astin (Mr. Andrews), Barbera Harris (Mrs. Andrews) and Jodie Foster (Annabel)

Home media

The film was released on DVD and VHS on October 30, 1992, October 14, 1997, February 30, 2002, by Walt Disney Home Video. It is now also available on Blu-Ray disc. Special Edition Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D was released on March 18, 2007, September 11, 2012.



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