What an army Van Helsing had mounted, it seems to me that Hudson Halloween is gone.
~ Frankhudson Koalloween asking to I.V.H.S.A.

Frankhudson Koalloween is the titular main protagonist of the film of the same name. He´s Frank Koala and Hudson Halloween´s fusion and is voiced by Jason Bateman and Ted Leo who is his singing voice.


Frankhdson Koalloween is a big koala and bat like brown bear fusion who has purple, black, dark purple, fair purple, grey and fair grey fur with black and dark yellow eyes. He wears Hudson´s diademe with Moose Atlers and mixing Frank Koala and Hudson Halloween´s outfit. (white and skeleton cartoon gloves, rainbow and dark green top-hat, a black, garnet and fire red vampire cape, red bow tie, black tie, a light green shirt, a half black vest jacket with a black and garnet vest underneath, black pants and black and orange shoes)

His post-apocalyptic outfit and accesories are Frank´s halloween version and Hudson´s outfit mixture. Has Hudson´s broken and dirty Prison orange uniform and Frank´s broken and dirty F.I.C.S.Z.P. uniform underneath, with camouflage pants in botton´s outer side, a black leather jacket with spikes, plates and in his torso, a studded black, orange and purple jacket type harness with fair green ribs, Australian form and flag in his back and plates which hold on suspenders with pyramidal spikes and studded millitary boots with hell accesories. His head accesories are millitary make up, brown pilot goggles, a gas mask that looks like a vampire bear with Frankenstein scars, dark circles like the demon's, and red marks like Jason Voorhees' and black and green gas mask with the recycle symbol hybrid. He has a eye patch a smiling orange pumpkin because he ehas the left eye purple and scrathed by Hal Boston´s hook, unshaven face and his hair´s green dyed highlughts and Frank´s red fang studs in his teeth. Also he wears a green cool sunglasses, bandages, especially the bandage on his nose with a black ring and orange ball piercing like he´s a bull with small slagons piece. In his right ear wears a black and purple safety pin and a golden earring and two other golden earrings and silver stick with two balls piercing in his bitten left ear. Hudson´s moose atlers diademe is attached with a head harness, he has the horns with metallic parts where the right one has a bonecutter mark.

In his neck he has Frank´s olive green handkerchief and broken stand as hunting trophy with a hinge and a hell padlock for open it, and in lower part wears a car registration that says "M0N5T3R" ("Monster"). In addition, he wears a hell collar shackle with a spiked medal, a bone and the star, in the right side, has a rage controlator created by Frankenstein like a tame collar. His cape is a Frank and Hudson´s one mixture, is very decorated but very broken, in the top goes though with the stand, in the cape´s back is where the wings exit and has a garnet bat like he is Dracula with a dark green stripe above and fire red ovals, and the burned botton.

In this trunk, he has green suspenders with misused soda cans which hold on a black belt with Frank skull buckle with the animal paw and spiky teeth mixing Hudson´s one. He has different colours leather. In the truck´s botton, a black and purple thong with fair green pelvis´ part, chaps like a cowboy with Frankenstein scars. In the wings wears bandages, black leather parts and accesories like a demon, behind the spiked metallic belt has a demon´s tail that hold on his leather thong and he wears frank´s backpack.

A spiked leather bracelet and a black leather fingerless glove on his left hand with a golden american fist, in his right hand he wears a skull ring, a diamond golden ring and a garnet one. His arm tattoo show his origin of having gone to a tattoo and piercing shop.

In right arm has a belt type shackle with a buckle which says H-31 above in the right sleeve where is a egyptian bracelet inside and Hudson´s tattoo underneath. Has burned hand and forearm, by that has a bandage that covers them, his wrist wears a spiked shackle and spiked and decorated fingerless glove in his right arm with a skull ring, a diamond golden ring and a garnet one. In left arm has the decorated and fixed up vampire bear skull shoulder pad, he wears a arm armor whose hand has retractable claws, wears bandages and bandages, Frank´s tattoo underneath and the other wrist is covered by a shackle too with the spiked leather bracelet and golden american fist.

In his legs has leather chaps in rims which finish on the knees with bat wings like vampire animal´s pattern and a fair green femur. He has a couple of pockets with a bone at the waist, knee pads with a H in each one and also wears shackles at his ankles.

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