Fraidy Cat is a 2020 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama film based on the many works of Alfred Hitchcock.


Oscar the cat and Corina the cockatoo are pampered, spoiled house pets that live an easy life in their owner London flat however when a fellow neighbourhood pet is kidnapped and Oscar is the prime suspect, the two must set off on a mission to find out the real culprit is so that they can clear Oscar name.


  • N/A as Oscar, main protagonist.
  • Margot Robbie as Corina, deuteragonist.
  • N/A as Jess, owner of both Oscar and Corina.
  • N/A as Graham, police inspector sent to solve the following case.
  • N/A as The Huckabees, three sisters living next to Jess.
  • N/A as Erwin, a mallard.
  • N/A as Fritz, a fox.
  • N/A as Mike, a mole.
  • N/A as Mr & Mrs Bailey, a pair of hares.
  • N/A as Sam, a bulldog.
  • Niki Yang as animal vocals, e.g. frogs and rabbits.
  • N/A as Alfred, caricature of the real-life Hitchcock who shows up on & off.

Home Media

Fraidy Cat is exclusively featured on Disney+ streaming service.


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The film has been in production since the mid-2000s, were it was under former co-directing by John Musker. Meant to becomed released somewhere in 2009, the movie went shortly rejected one year later they started. Only ending up with a two decade haitus.


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