Force Scouts is a American CGI Animated Movie that parodies Power Rangers.


Sebastian Wright and his Best Friend Harris Hart along with School Brainiac discover the "Power Gems" which grant them the ability to transform into the Superpowered Force Scouts who must fight a evil sorceress named "Patsy the Despised" who wants to use the gems for her own evil purposes.


Sebastian Wright

Sebastian is the Main Character in Force Scouts and one of the protagnists. He is energetic and nice.

Harris Hart

Harris is one of the protagnists of Force Scouts. He is calm and can be stubborn at times.

Mavis Sinclair

Mavis is one of protagnists of Force Scouts. She is shy but is extremely smart.


Patsy the Despised

The Big Bad of Force Scouts who wants the Power Gems for her own goals.

Stone Golems

Minions that Patsy summons to try to take the gems from the teens.

Voice Cast

Sam Vincent as Sebastian

Josh Keaton as Harris

Tabitha St.Germain as Mavis

Veronica Taylor as Patsy the Despised


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