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From the creator of The Little Mermaid, a city boy comes to a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned.


  • Ren McCormack (Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Ariel Moore (Maggie Blue O'Hara)
  • Vi Moore (Maggie Smith)
  • Shaw Moore (Clancy Brown)
  • Willard Hewitt (Mikey Kelly)
  • Rusty (Tara Strong)
  • Ethel McCormack (Kath Saucie)
  • Chuck Cranson (Brian Poshen)


After his father leaves, Chicago-raised teenager Ren McCormack (Bacon) moves with his mother to live with his aunt and uncle in the small Rocky Mountain town of Bomont. Soon after arriving, Ren makes a friend named Willard, and learns the city council banned dancing and rock music after several teens were killed in an accident six years earlier. He soon begins to fall for a rebellious girl named Ariel, who has a boyfriend, Chuck Cranston, and an overprotective father, Rev. Shaw Moore (Lithgow), a powerful member of the town council. Rev. Moore's son--and Ariel's older brother--died in the crash.

After trading insults with Ariel's boyfriend, Ren is challenged to a game of chicken involving tractors. Despite not knowing how to drive a tractor, he wins. Rev. Moore mistrusts Ren, forbidding Ariel to see him and using his influence to have Ren kicked off the gymnastics team. Ren and his classmates want to do away with the ban on dancing and have a senior prom. He presses on despite gaining a reputation as a "troublemaker"; his efforts cause his mother to get fired on the pretense that she isn't being a good mother, and also cost his uncle business. Moore's wife is supportive of the movement, and explains to Moore he cannot be everyone's father, and that he is hardly being a father to Ariel. She also says that dancing and music are not the problem.

Ren goes before the city council and reads several Bible verses provided to him by Ariel in order to cite scriptural support for the worth of dancing to rejoice, exercise, or celebrate. Although Rev. Moore is moved, he and the other council members vote to keep the ban. Ren initially gives up, but his boss at a flour mill tells him that the mill is located just outside the town limits, and offers to let the kids use it for their prom. Meanwhile, Moore has a change of heart after seeing some of the townsfolk burning books that they think are dangerous to the youth. Realizing the situation has gotten out of hand, Moore stops the burning.

On Sunday, Rev. Moore asks his congregation to pray for the high school students putting on the prom. Moore and his wife are seen outside, dancing for the first time in years. Cranston and several of his friends show up and challenge Ren and Willard to a fight, but Ren and Willard easily fend them off and go back inside. Ren triumphantly yells, "Let's dance!"