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Food Shorts is an Irish web series created by Vimeo user The Dankest Dorito. The shorts feature food characters in different shenanigans.


• Jammy - A jar of jam. He is Peanut Butter's brother and Is best friends with his British friend Tea. His design was changed later on.

• Peanut Butter - A jar of peanut butter. The only thing she can say is her name. It is possible that she might have feelings for Jammy, even though Jammy is her brother. She also is the cutest character on the show.

• Frozen Fanta - A glass of Frozen Fanta. She is Peanut Butter's best friend. 

• Tea - A cup of tea. He is Jammy's best friend and he has a British accent. He and Jammy both commit crimes together.

• Lemon - A lemon. He works at a donut shop and hates non-nationals living in Food City. He is also a very strong character. 

• Measuring Tape - A measuring tape. He is one of the non-nationals living in Food City. 

• Juicy Fruit - A tube of Juicy Fruit gum. He is an upcoming character in Food Shorts.

• Brownie - A brownie. He is skilled at soccer. However, he's also a scaredy-cat.


• At The Movies (Episode 1)

After assaulting a 50 year-old man, Jammy and Tea go to the movie theatre from across the street to see Lil Bored: The Movie.

• Jammy's Birthday (Part 1) (Episode 2)

It's Jammy's birthday and he is excited. He runs to Peanut Butter's room and tells her the news. Peanut Butter tells Jammy to open his present, but Jammy gets angry when he gets a teddy bear out of the box, causing Peanut Butter to burst into tears and run out of the room.

• Jammy's Birthday (Part 2) (Episode 2)

Frozen Fanta is standing on her own in a street, then Peanut Butter runs up to her still upset that Jammy rejected her present. So Frozen Fanta gives her the 'best girl's night out ever', until Peanut Butter sees Jammy and Tea throwing the teddy bear she gave to Jammy in a fire, before crying again and running off. 

Note: The scene where Lemon throws Measuring Tape is a reference to a scene in the 1996 movie Matilda.

Goof: In the first episode, Tea is armless. But in this episode, he has arms.

• TBA (Episode 4)


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