Flynn Jones is a main character and the deuteragonst/tritagonist on Shake It Up. He is the youngest character of them all on the show at 10-years-old. He is the son of Georgia Jones and J.J. Jones, and the younger brother of CeCe Jones. He lives in an apartment with his mom and sister in the suite below the Blue family. He is often babysat by some of his friends Ty Blue and Deuce Martinez, and sometimes Gunther Hessenheffer. He is often seen with his best friend Henry Dillon. He attends an elementary school in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are divorced and his father lives in Florida.

He is portrayed and voiced by Davis Cleveland, and also voiced by John Byner, Matt Frewer, Michael Sinterniklaas, Frank Welker, Scott McCord, Lara Jill Miller, Joe Alaskey, Nancy Cartwright, Ivan Sherry, Rick Jones, Robert Tinkler, Cory Doran, Nolan North, James Arnold Taylor, Darren Frost, Tom Kenny, Christine Cavanaugh, Chris Hardwick, Britt McKillip, Shannon Chan-Kent, Fred Tatasciore, Lizzie Waterworth, Sonja Ball, Candi Milo, Victoria Duffield. and Mona Marshall.

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