Here are the credits for Fluffy Dogs.

Opening Credits

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Pixar Animation Studios

Fluffy Dogs

Closing Credits

Directed by
Andrew Stanton

Co-Directed by
Angus MacLane

Produced by
John Lasseter
Bob Peterson
Pete Docter

Executive Producer
John Lasseter

Associate Producer
Bob Roath

Story by
John Lasseter
Bob Peterson
Ronnie del Carmen
Pete Docter
Andrew Stanton
Josh Cooley

Screenplay by
Andrew Stanton

Music by
David Newman

Story Supervisor
Bob Peterson

Film Editor
Lee Unkrich

Production Manager
Jennie Monica

Supervising Animators
David VeCan
Michael Henderson

Sound Designer
Tim Nielsen

Casting by
Kevin Reher, C.S.A
Natalie Lyon, C.S.A


Marley - James Haven
Hairy - Seth Rogen
Dane - John Turturro
Howler - Jim Carrey
Chico - Joe Arquette
Patty - Catherine Reitman
Adam - Brennan Baker
Carly - Isabella Acres
Dan - Cameron Boyce


Story Production Supervisor
Max Bruce

Story Artists
Rich Moore
Craig Good
Manny Hernandez
Andrew Adamson
Vicky Jensen
Peter Herb
Michael J. Kennedy


Dale R. Beck
Hank Barrtio
Jason L. Bergman
Michael S. Blum
Brad Brooks
Williams T. Carpenter
Loren Chun
Peter Lee Chun
Charles E. Deal
Lawrence Chai
James P. Hurrell
Kevin E. Keech
Kimberly W. Keech
Paul Hildebrandt
Bill James
Amdnira AJ Jayasinghe
Jeff Nash
David Oguri
Charles Lam
Ken Moore
Dara McGarry
James A. Sadwenns
Joe Suzow
Laurice Tracy
Terence Worley
Doug White
Tomas A. Wong
Derek E. Wilson

Special Thanks

Pixar Senior Creative Team

Pixar Production Senior Managers

Pixar Senior Technology Team

Pixar Senior Leadership Team

Animated with PRESTO animation system

Rendered with Pixar’s RenderMan®


"You're My Best Friend"
Performed by The Vamps
"Let's Just Go"
Performed by TLC
"Come with Me"
Performed by
Performed by The Gaslight Anthem
"I Gotta Feeling"
Performed by The Black Eyed Peas
"How Could This Happen to Me"
Performed by Simple Plan
"I Said You Will"
Performed by Lips
Good and Ugly
Performed by The Balconies
"Don't be Shy"
Performed by Burnham
"We have a Friend"
Performed by The Dark Romantics ft. Daughtry
Mr. Brightside
Performed by Vampires

No. 96177
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Sound Created in Dolby Atmos™
Dolby Atmos Frozen
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Disney Interactive Studios

Elevation source data courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey
All Rights Reserved
For the purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom, Pixar was the owner of copyright in this motion picture immediately after it was made. We are grateful to THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF FLUFFY DOGS CREW Your love and support made this film possible.
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Created and Produced at
Emeryville, CA

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