Flowey is the main antagonist of the pacifist version of Undertale: Tales Of The Underground and the deuteragonist of the genocide version of Undertale: Tales Of The Underground. He was the reborn version of Asriel but became separated by Asriel in the sequel.

In the sequel, he, along with Frisk, Asriel, Astelle and Chara will discover the secrets of the underground. Including trying to know who Gaster is.


Flowey appears as a sunflower with a face. He has six yellow petals around his face and two green leaves as his hands or arms. His stem acts as his body and his roots act as his legs (though, instead of walking, he digs into the ground to move around). His own face is a pale yellow with two black eyes and a mouth.

In the sequel, his appearance is inspired by Flowerfell and Underfell Flowey. His petals are slightly broken and he is on a flower pot. Sometimes he is on Frisk's shoulder to reference Frisk and Flowey in Flowerfell


Flowey in the pacifist version is malicious and cruel. He enjoys making his victims suffer and breaking them. He follows the belief that the world revolves around the idea of 'kill or be killed', and tries to make other people like Frisk follow that cruel belief as well. In the genocide version is supportive towards Frisk(whom he thinks is Chara) but can also act vulnerable because Asriel is still inside him.

In the sequel, he started acting more kind towards Frisk and Chara. Even towards Asriel and Astelle. Though he can still act act malicious and cruel even if he reformed already. He is also helpful towards Asriel, Chara, Frisk and Astelle.


At the beginning of the movie, he can spread 'friendliness pellets' or bullets. However, they were used to kill Frisk. During the Omega Flowey battle, his powers are based on the powers of the Human SOULs. Also his powers are a lot powerful and like an actual monster.


  • Flowey is British is from Liverpool
  • Flowey's appearance in the sequel is loosely inspired by Undertale AU, Underfell by Vic the Underfella
  • Flowey shares similarities to Odd Todd from Odd Squad; they were both malicious and cruel but later reformed
  • Flowey's vocal range is a high baritone and should speak in a Liverpool accent
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