Floria Collier is the secondary antagonist-turned-supporting character in Glimpse. She is the daughter of Gilbert and Gia.


Floria Collier was born in Italy in 1889. She was the daughter of the businessman Gilbert Collier and singer Gia Collier (née Rossi). At a young age, her mother teaches Floria how to sing while in her bedroom. Until her father is coming back from work, Floria runs to him and hugs so tight. Gilbert was so happy that he to see his daughter after returned from work.

Gia picks Floria up and went to the room where

Physical Appearance

Floria has a red Bob cut hair, marks dark red lips and purple eye shadow, wears a dark red dress, gold fur scarf, long purple gloves, and red high heels. When she was younger, she had long hair, wears a turquoise dress with a pink heart, and hot pink mary janes shoes. When she is on the mission, she wears a black jumpsuit, dark grey heel boots, and ???.



Events of Glimpse



"I love to play viola, signore."
―When Floria is asked Vincent that she wants to play the violin.


  • She is inspired by Flapper, a generation of young Western women in the 1920s.
  • Floria is based on Bayonetta, Jessica Rabbit, Lola from SharkTale, Ladykiller from Flushed Away, Victoria Byng from We Happy Few,
  • She is shown to be an assassin during the mission.
  • Her physical appearances are similar to Jessica Rabbit.
  • Her voice actress does an Italian accent instead of a British accent due to Floria is from Italy.
  • She is shown to have a meeting with
  • Floria mentions that she wants to be a singer just like her mother when she got older.
  • The reason why she became an assassin due to her revenge.
  • She is shown to play a violin after training.
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